7 best ways to manage your Instagram account like a pro

manage your Instagram account

Looking for ways to start managing your Instagram account like a pro then you have come to the right place. Many people use tools like services to buy cheap Instagram followers From SocialPros.io and likes in hopes of gaining more likes on Instagram posts and more followers on their profiles.

 If you want to boost your exposure and visibility on Instagram then these tips can certainly help you get on the right path. So, without further adieu, let’s get started.

Get Your Profile Right

To start managing your Instagram account like a pro you need to first get your profile to look right. It isn’t a big task to optimize your profile for your audience. You just need to add the right info and images to ensure that the potential follower is getting all the info about you or your brand by visiting the profile. 

Your username should be as close to your brand name as possible. The profile pic should be your brand logo or brand name.

 It should be a clear, high-resolution image that perfectly fits the circle without getting cropped. Add necessary info in the bio in condensed form using specific words. Put a link to your store or website. If you have multiple links use a link tree.

Get Instagram Insights

Get an increased promotion by having your personal Instagram account converted to a business one with the help of various services that allow you to buy Instagram followers.

The biggest advantage of doing it is getting access to Instagram Insights which is a powerful tool provided by Instagram that can be used for analytics. You can easily gauge how well your promotion strategy is doing by using this tool. It gives you all the relevant info regarding your growth on Instagram.

Pre-plan Content and Schedule Posts

To grow on Instagram at a faster pace you need to post frequently. But it can often be tough to keep coming up with new content ideas everyday. Also, there are some special days and events for which you need to create content with specific themes for example – the fourth of July. 

So, it is advisable to pre-plan your posts for Instagram. There will be days when you will be feeling more creative. Use those days to your advantage and create as many quality posts as you can. Then use an automatic post scheduler to schedule these posts. This way everything will be planned and under your control. 

Learn to Use Hashtags Optimally

If you want to get more likes on Instagram posts and gain more followers then your posts need to reach not only your followers but also the target audience in your niche. One of the ways to start gaining more visibility is by using hashtags. 

But you cannot mindlessly spam Hashtags you think are relevant. You need to do some research and take your time to analyze relevant Hashtags to filter the useful ones. 

Use hashtag research and analytics tools to know about the strength of Hashtags and how difficult it can be to compete for these. Then start incorporating these hashtags in your posts and use insights to analyse the ones that give you more exposure. 

Run Giveaways and Contests

This is a simple way to give back to your followers and boost your exposure as well. People love to win stuff. That’s a fact. Most influencers run giveaways and contests by asking users to like the post, comment on it and follow their profile. Then some users are randomly chosen as winners of the giveaway.

 If you are running a contest then you can be creative and gather user-generated content. Create a custom branded hashtag and run the contest around it. Ask people to use that hashtag to post their entries. This can help you get a lot of user content and boost your exposure on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories and Reels

Try using different post formats to keep it fresh. Of course, there will be one type of post that you focus on the most but if you mix in different types of posts then you can keep it fresh. Instagram reels are best for short and entertaining videos. 

You can get introduced to a new crowd that loves watching reels. Instagram stories are great for product previews and teasers. Q and A sessions and polls are easier to conduct as Instagram stories.

Instagram Live Helps Connect With Audience

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is to use Instagram live. Schedule specific days for live streaming and you can answer questions of your followers. You can also collaborate with other creators, influencers or brands during the live or interview them. 

You can get more visibility by a collab or interview as you will get introduced to a new fanbase. Use Instagram Live to enagage with your audience. It will keep them loyal to you.


So, these were some of the tips that can help you grow on Instagram and manage your Instagram account like a pro. If you buy Ig likes from Viralyft.com for promotion then try out these tips to boost your promotion and take your Instagram growth to the next level. We wish you all the best.

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