Checklist for Planning Your Wedding


Congratulations! It takes a great deal of courage to finally conclude that this is the right person for you. While you might be certain you have finally met your better half, you need a checklist for planning your wedding. This checklist will help you to know some of the things to prepare for before going ahead to tie the knot.

With a level of patience, some careful consideration, and a bit of preparation, it shouldn’t be difficult putting on a memorable wedding. In this guide, you will get to know some vital wedding checklists while you get ready to spend forever with your partner.

The Wedding Checklists

Often, it is not easy for two individuals to come together without having some issues. However, you can fix these issues even before they rear their ugly heads. You begin by writing everything down. To give you the best chance at avoiding these issues, consider the wedding planning checklists in the following paragraphs.

1)     Ensure It Is The Right Person

It’s going to take forever. Thus, you should take your time to think hard and long about the decision you are about to make, whether it’s worth it or not. With an absolute conviction that you’ve found the one for you, you can proceed to the next checklist.

2)     Consider the Budget

Critical as the initial step, you need to be sure you’re financially ready for the wedding. Your budget determines a lot of things ranging from what you can afford to how much you can lose without having the feeling you lost something.

3)     Craft a Guest List

Do not select a venue before crafting your guest list. With an estimate of the total number of expected guests, you can now proceed to make arrangements for the venue, putting into consideration the economic and social status of the guests.

4)     Employ a Wedding Planner

Ensure you go for a professional wedding planner. Although it largely depends on your budget, a competent hand will give you the perfect treatment. Perhaps neither you nor your partner has the time to plan the wedding, a wedding planner can shoulder all the burden.

5)     Select a Wedding Theme

Other details such as the type of dress, décor, and venue should echo your wedding theme. Ensure you and your partner sit down to come up with one. Take your time, there’s no need to rush over it.

Some other checklists you should pay attention to are:

● Go for the best venue

● Choose your caterer

● Reserve the necessary vendors such as a photographer, videographer, DJ, or band (or both).

● Purchase the perfect wedding dress.

● Send out your wedding invitations.

Wedding Catering Ideas

Catering is one of the most important checklists for a wedding. Do not forget that the food is as important as the dress and venue. So, ensure you set some time aside to look for the best caterer to make your day even more special. There are myriads of wedding catering ideas. Some of these ideas are in the subsequent paragraphs.

Wedding Entrée Ideas

While it is the main course in America, Entrée usually precedes the main course in the UK and France. When it comes to weddings in modern days, it remains one of the best catering ideas.

Apart from enabling you to mix up your wedding courses, it also allows you to have fresh experiences. You can choose to keep it simple with some fajitas, salad, or couscous. You can also go with a mixture of mashed potato and lobster. BBQed meat is another idea you won’t like to miss.

Finger Food Ideas for Weddings

Not everyone can have their mouths empty all the time. They either want to crunch something or munch it. To keep the mouth busy throughout the day, guests can have finger foods to snack on. Usually, this idea doesn’t suffice if not accompanied by a buffet-style or main course dinner. Below are some ideal finger foods for weddings.

● Kebabs

● Chicken skewers

● Olives and cold-cut meats

● Mini pizzas

● Corn on the cob

● DIY tacos

● Soup shooters

● Cheese and crackers

 Wedding Menu Ideas for a Buffet

When a hot buffet is on the list, there’s no way you can go wrong. Instead of having a sit-down meal with myriads of courses at your disposal, keep it casual. This way, everyone gets to help themselves. Leave them to eat as much as they want. Some catering ideas under this category are:

● Cocktail sausages

● Sushi station

● Salsa and nachos

● Chile’s pasta varieties

● Simple sandwiches

● Stuffed dates with almonds and goat’s cheese

● Naan bread pizza

● Pies and pastries

● Classic buffet

Foods Suitable for Reception

Most couples usually find it difficult to choose the perfect food for the reception. The variation in taste and wants further makes it challenging. But the best way to go about it is by offering a wide variety of foods. Everyone gets to choose what they want from the options available. Below are some main course meals suitable for the reception.

● Herb-roasted chicken

● Grilled rack of lamb

● Glazed scallops

● Pulled pork

● Lobster Mac n cheese

● Filler steak

● Spring vegetable risotto

Wrap Up

Having gone through the checklist for planning your wedding with your partner, both of you can now take the leap of faith to make the deal forever. While at it, do not forget your guests are important, too. Ensure you have the best wedding catering ideas to give them the perfect treatments.

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