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Moviesda is an illegal piracy website that includes the uploads of Bollywood and Hollywood both Hindi and English dubbed movies for free. – What is it?

The website allows anyone to upload any Indian movie in the Hindi dubbing or original Indian with the subtitles in English. As per the story and the author of this article, the service works like this: Movie files are shared over the Internet and is possible to download the .torrent and torrent files and share them with other users to download the movies for free. To download the film from the, a user has to provide the Movie Title along with the Movie Details. Movie Title for Free movies contains the following information: Description Movie Release Year Film Year of Production Movie Title Movie Director, Cinematographer, Actor and Actresses Film Budget. If the users choose to download the movie, then they will get the user-friendly website called Moviesda.

How to watch movies for free on Moviesda?

This site has made its name and reputation by offering Hollywood and Bollywood movies, documentaries, and TV shows for free download on their site. Moviesda is not very different from any other illegal movie downloading site where you can grab movies, documentaries, and TV shows for free. On the site you can browse free movies from over thousands of Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies and TV shows. You can download movies or TV shows that you like. Then, keep them to your computer and play on your PC, Playstation, Android, IOS or any other device. On the site you can also rent movies, watch trailers, watch different categories and pay in advance or for free to watch your movies anytime you want.


Due to piracy the URL’s of site change from time to time. We have listed some of the Url’s which you can find on internet today. Have a look on them:

Is Moviesda legal?

Since the most of the movies are released on DVD or Blu-ray from Kino films and are also available in torrents, one must understand that the website is full of movies with illegal downloads of movies. The site hosts thousands of movies under different genres. Piracy: Ruling In India There are already in place several legal protections in India for the movie companies. One of them is the service and the online distribution of films from the distribution companies. A state-government company called I2P India deals with all the distribution companies in India and also helps in the creation of content for the Indian cinema.


When it comes to the illegal online movie download. The illegal download sites such as Movie2K, Mirosh, SF and are far more secured than any of the free movie download sites out there. The illegal pirate sites are the biggest threat to the physical DVD/Blu-Ray piracy. If you want to download movies illegally. Then, you can browse through the list of the most popular pirate sites or you can try one of the best pirate sites of the day.


We do not entertain piracy at all. Also, we suggest you all to stay away from these type of websites. It contains harmful virus that can harm your phone or system. Watching movies on such sites for free is also punishable by law in India. You may even go behind bars if you perform such activities.

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