Choosing The Best Elliptical Machine For Your Home Gym

Elliptical Machine

Wonderfully easy on the knees, the sweet glide of an elliptical can really make cardio a joyful experience. What’s even better is when you have one set up in your own home. No waiting around in a crowded gym. Just you and your own personal space.

When shopping for an elliptical machine, you can truly find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Read through the list below, then take some time to write down what it is you want from the machine. Who all will be using the machine? After you have this, you’re ready to move ahead and get one home!

Be Sure to Get the Right Flywheel Weight On Your Elliptical Machine

This is probably the most important thing someone needs to consider, but is often overlooked for first-time buyers. When you’re looking at the weight of the flywheel, you’re essentially thinking about how much weight your body will be pedaling against. If you’re a larger person or someone who likes to really cycle hard, you need a strong and secure machine that won’t topple on you. Getting a machine with a larger flywheel will keep you grounded.

You’ll Need to Decide if You Want Your Hand Grips to Move As Well

Not every single elliptical machine will have hand bars that move along with your strides. There are some lower cost options that have stationary hand grips, but as you start to move up in price this feature becomes pretty standard on most models. Being able to give your arms a workout during your striding is great, as it gets your whole body engaged and muscles pumping.

Some Machines Have Adjustable Strides and Adjustable Pedals

Maybe you have two people who are going to be using this elliptical machine or perhaps you have a different stance than most. Either way, a machine that offers you the ability to customize your bike to your personal liking is the way to go. Although this is not a standard feature, you’ll find there are plenty of options that allow you this precise setting.

Extra Perks Like Connecting to WiFi and Access to Custom Workout Programs

Nowadays there are plenty of good companies that are creating quality machines. You might as well write down everything you’re looking for before you start shopping, so you can find the exact machine that fits your needs. With extra features like the bike connecting to WiFi you can really find something high tech. You can also check to see if the company offers a free workout program with the machine. Having specialized workouts with beautiful scenery is definitely a cool perk!

Think About What You Want Then Shop

Really, that’s the best advice you can get when shopping for an elliptical machine. Take some time before you shop to write down everything you’re looking to do with this bike. Once you have that list, it will be easy to find the perfect machine that will last you years. Just remember, think about which features you want and go from there!

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