10 Top Microsoft Project Courses to Learn Online

Microsoft Project Courses

Microsoft Project is top-notch amongst the numerous project management solutions. The top MS Project online courses are recommended if you want to learn MS Project quickly. It also prevents you from wasting time on lengthy, pointless courses.

Why You Should Take a Top Microsoft Project Course.

Microsoft is well-known as a global provider of computer software programs. Microsoft project management is commonly used in large enterprises. Managers and businesses are always on the lookout for talented workers. These talented workers can handle Microsoft project management with ease.

Users can prioritize tasks using Microsoft Project, to specify the actions necessary for each. Then users can allocate the tasks to the appropriate team members. Furthermore, it offers a shared team calendar. The calendar provides complete visibility amongst your teams. 

There are many Microsoft Courses to learn, but it is important to learn the best courses with relevant information for project management.

10 Best Online Microsoft Project Courses

  1. Microsoft Project for All 

It is one of the most thorough Microsoft Project courses available. The three key components of a Microsoft project and project management are covered. It also has hands-on courses. It offers a step-by-step manual that will take you from Microsoft Project’s fundamentals to its more complex themes.

In addition to using powerful, automated, dynamic reports and dashboards, you will learn how to use MS Project at every level of project management. This includes initiation, planning, execution and control, and closing.

  1. Project 2013 Advanced

MS Project 2013 Advanced can be used to address important project management issues. Learn about resource management, collaboration, reporting, planning, scheduling, and more. These days, employing software to manage projects is the greatest and most efficient alternative due to the advancement of technology in all spheres of employment. Enroll in the to improve your project management abilities!

  1. Master Microsoft Project 2016 

Microsoft Project comes in several versions, however, for most projects, businesses utilize version 2016. So, this course is your best option if you wish to master the use of Microsoft Project 2016.

You may learn how to create a new project from scratch, open new Microsoft Project templates, and much more by taking this course. It will also help you explore the various possibilities for using Microsoft Project 2016.

  1.  Project Management With MS Project

It is advisable to take this course if you have never managed a software project before. You will study in a personal setting because the course material is created from personal experience. You will be guided through the learning process for MS Project in this step-by-step manual.

You will begin studying the techniques that can help you harness the project. This is so you can regain control of your schedule as soon as you enroll in the course. You can learn a lot about Microsoft Project with the course’s well-crafted video lessons. It also has downloaded resources, practice exams, and other useful materials.

  1. Using Microsoft Project to Generate and Print Project Plans

It’s preferable to enroll in a simple course that teaches you the specific MS Project abilities you require.

You may progress from a complete beginner to tracking your project plans by taking this course. Additionally, you’ll learn how to design your charts, alter how they appear when printed, and monitor your progress with them.

  1. A Comprehensive Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019

Here, you’ll discover how to set up tasks and dependencies. You will also assign resources, track the project, and produce eye-catching reports. Managing huge projects might be intimidating. However, this online MS course teaches you the fundamentals of project definition and creation. It also teaches resource management, assignment management, tracking, and reporting.

Here, you’ll also learn how to develop a template using the current schedules and formally close your projects. After completing this course, you will be equipped with the Microsoft Project 2019 skills and knowledge.

  1. Master MS Project: Scheduling & Project Management

It takes a lot of effort to become proficient in project management and planning with the Microsoft Project Manager program.

You may discover the tools for learning automatic task scheduling in this MS Project course. It is one of the best MS Project training courses available online. You can master MS Project by learning the core strategies and methods for scheduling and problem-solving.

It demonstrates how to rapidly understand and feel at ease with the user interface. He also mentions numerous crucial factors to take into account when working with MS Project.

Finally, you’ll understand how to manage task lists effectively. You will also learn how to use task dependencies and relationships to expedite scheduling.

  1. Microsoft Project Fundamentals 

It is an introductory course created to provide you with a strong foundation in MS Project’s foundations. You will learn some fundamental principles in this course as well as the very fundamental Microsoft Project subjects.

You can use the course’s schedule of how-to videos to schedule and manage projects. You can use it to learn how to use different tables and views.

  1. MS Project: A Deeper Dive

MS Project: A Deeper Dive, provides instruction on project management. It also provides the administrative skills needed to use MS Project.

The courses are effective and simple to follow, especially for novices, according to the majority of reviews. It is suggested for novice project managers who are just beginning to use MS Project.

  1. Microsoft Project All: Beginner to Expert 10 Projects 9 PDU 

Microsoft project all: Beginner to Expert 10 Projects 9 PDU, offer step-by-step tutorials from the most fundamental MS Project skills to the most complicated features.


Project management aids in defining the tasks that will be carried out, who will be responsible for them, and when they should begin and end. Projects typically advance in stages or steps, although other techniques for quick, interactive project management are also extensively utilized.

Taking top courses on MS projects will help you acquire MS project skills. Microsoft Projects keeps your projects on schedule and facilitates easy teamwork and organization. It also gives you the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

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