Fashion Trends in Australia for 2024 – A Sneak Peek

Fashion Trends in Australia

Attention fashion-conscious Aussie girls! If you are wondering about the spring/summer collections and what they will contain, you have come to the right place, as we offer a sneak peek at this year’s fashion trends in 2024.

Baggy garments

We’re going back to the late eighties, when baggy jeans and sweatshirts were all the rage; check out the top fashion magazines to confirm that XXL sizes are in and the bigger, the better! Cardigans, sweaters and even hoodies are everywhere! Baggy cargo pants are super-cool and with so many pockets, you won’t need a bag.

Chunky jewellery

Search the web for online sterling silver jewellers and check out their chunky section; necklaces, bracelets and ankle bracelets, all at affordable prices. Take a good look at your jewellery collection, as mix and match is in this year. Stacked rings, necklaces and bracelets make for colourful accessories; get creative and wow your friends with antique jewellery.

Thigh boots

Metallics are back with a bang, as are suede thigh length boots with high platforms, Gary Glitter, eat your heart out! These stylish boots are never going to be cheap, yet a well-made pair of leather boots will last a lifetime. 

Flowery patterns

Soft, pastel shades blend with flowery patterns to bring you refreshing summer dresses. Cotton, polyester and satin are commonly seen this year, which are light a breezy, perfect for the hot Australian summer. Short sleeves and high hemlines are a thing this summer, which is great for comfort. 

Animal prints

Yes, animal prints are still in vogue, so dig out those stunning blouses and dresses with leopard spots or tiger stripes. Synthetic fabrics are best and quality printing does not lose its colour and can be washed. Crazy designs are the order of the day and bright, rich colours will be in abundance on the catwalks of Melbourne and Sydney.

Fashion magazines & subscriptions

If you want to stay abreast with the latest fashion, search online for Australia’s leading online magazine subscription hub, the place to for the cheapest subscription deals. They offer monthly, bi-monthly and annual subscriptions for all the world’s top magazines, while they also stock a wide range of books, both paperback and hardcover. 


Remember the 1980s? Shell suits were all the rage and this year, we are seeing something similar, with elasticated waits and zip ankles. White Addidas trainer and neon pink socks complete the look. If you want to push the sporty look, a headband and wristbands add contrast to the outfit.

Online clothing retailers

Forget shopping malls when looking for top fashion garments; Google is your best friend and can whisk you off to the top Aussie clothing retailers. They do not have the high overheads of traditional brick-and-mortar boutiques, therefore you save at least 25% on the recommended retail price. You have the same consumer rights when you buy online, so you are protected; flexible returns allow you to change size (or style).

Start shopping online today and get ready for the coming summer.

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