Advanced Skills and Training Required for Flatbed Team Drivers at HMD Trucking

HMD Trucking

Flatbed trucking is not just about driving a truck; it requires specialized skills due to the nature of the cargo transported, which often includes heavy machinery, oversized loads, and construction materials. At HMD Trucking, team drivers in the flatbed team jobs division are expected to possess a high level of expertise and undergo continuous training to meet the demands of their roles effectively. This article explores the advanced skills and training that are crucial for flatbed team drivers at HMD Trucking.

Specialized Skill Set for Flatbed Drivers

Load Securing and Tarping

One of the primary skills required for flatbed drivers is the ability to securely strap and tarp loads. Since flatbed shipments are not enclosed, drivers must ensure that cargo is fastened securely to prevent any movement during transport that could lead to accidents or cargo damage.

Understanding of Load Distribution

Flatbed drivers must have a thorough understanding of weight distribution principles. Proper load balancing is crucial for the safe and efficient handling of the truck, especially when transporting heavy or unevenly distributed loads.

Knowledge of Permits and Regulations

Transporting oversized loads often requires special permits and adherence to specific regulations. Flatbed drivers need to be familiar with the legal requirements and road restrictions that apply to oversized and heavy hauls, which can vary from one state to another.

Comprehensive Training Programs at HMD Trucking

Initial and Ongoing Training

HMD Trucking provides both initial training for new flatbed drivers and ongoing education to keep all drivers up to date with the latest safety protocols, regulatory changes, and securement techniques. This training ensures that drivers can handle the complexities of flatbed transportation safely and efficiently.

Safety Training

Safety Training

Given the increased risks associated with flatbed transportation, safety training is emphasized at HMD Trucking. This includes accident prevention, emergency response training, and best practices for maintaining control of the truck under various road and weather conditions.

Equipment-Specific Training

Flatbed drivers at HMD Trucking receive training on how to operate and maintain the specific types of equipment used in flatbed hauling. This includes the use of cranes, forklifts, and other loading equipment, which are often necessary for loading and unloading heavy items.

Challenges and Support

Physical Demands

The job of a flatbed driver is physically demanding. HMD Trucking supports its drivers by providing access to medical evaluations and promoting health and wellness programs that help drivers maintain their physical health.

Mentorship and Team Support

New flatbed drivers at HMD Trucking are often paired with experienced drivers for mentorship. This team approach allows less experienced drivers to learn from seasoned professionals through hands-on experience.


The role of a flatbed team driver at HMD Trucking requires a specialized set of skills and a commitment to continuous learning. The company’s comprehensive training and support systems prepare drivers to meet the unique challenges of flatbed trucking, ensuring they are well-equipped to deliver cargo safely and efficiently. For those interested in a flatbed driving career, HMD Trucking offers a robust platform for professional growth and skill development.

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