The Bag Designed for Your Commute


A great commuter bag can make every day easier. No matter what your personal style is, you can find a commuter bag that is just right for you. Modern designs are sleek and sophisticated and include features that simplify your life.

Widened Shoulder Straps

If you have lots of paper and other items to carry each day, look for bags featuring wide, padded shoulder straps. They take some of the pressure off your hard-working shoulders and back.

Top commuter-friendly bags come in multiple shapes and sizes, and if you need your hands free on your daily travels, a backpack with comfortable straps designed for long-distance ease will keep your organized and moving easily through your day. 

Multiple Ways To Wear

You never know what the day will bring. Give yourself the gift of flexibility by choosing a commuter bag that offers you several ways to wear it. For example, a black weekender bag will hold books, papers, a laptop, and many smaller items, and it gives you options for carrying everything. 

A well-designed weekender features shorter handles for carrying it on your shoulders as well as an adjustable, comfortable strap that lets you carry the bag on your shoulder or wear it as a crossbody. 

Some weekenders even feature removable compartments, which comes in handy if you need to carry extra shoes or a change of clothes. When this compartment is zipped off, the  bag easily carries your necessary items all day. 

Sophisticated Style

The right travel bag infuses your daily commute with elegance and sophistication in several ways. 


Classic colors such as elegant black and beige with a hint of rose gold fit with most wardrobes and never go out of style. 


If you will be in the city all day, you want a bag that will move seamlessly through the hours. Choosing a sleek tote bag for work is a great way to look fashionable but still be able to organize everything you need. 

The best commuter tote will not only have comfortable shoulder straps but also feature a longer, removable strap that lets you wear it over your shoulder or across your body. 

Understated Functionality

The best commuter bag will offer great features to keep everything you need (and want) to bring with you in good order without sacrificing style. Before you become smitten with the outside, though, look for features such as:

  • Key leash to keep your keys safe and easy to find
  • Lots of organizational pockets
  • Removable and adjustable straps
  • Expandability to carry as little or as much as you can pack 

Once you find the features you need in a commuter bag, have fun looking for one that carries everything off with sleek, minimalist style. You need not sacrifice looks for practicality. You can carry a bag that will always be fashionable as well as functional. 

Commuting can be hard work, but the right bag can make your day easier. Today’s commuter bags feature a variety of shapes and winning features that will carry you through the day and into the evening with elegant ease. A knowledgeable online luggage sales associate can answer questions and help you choose the right bag for your next commute. 

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