10 Types Of Social Media You Should Be Using

Types Of Social Media

Due to its interactive persona and design, social media has been pretty eminent in our life. 

For instance, we open our WhatsApp almost regularly to check on our friends or family circle. On the other hand, Facebook has become the medium for meeting new people from around the world. 

But, what about your business? How are you going to improve the same through the usage of social media? Which types of the same do you need to target? 

In this article, we have mentioned ten different types of social media that you should keep an eye on for your business. 

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10 Types Of Social Media 

In this section, we will talk about a few platforms that you should be targeting with your social media marketing strategies. Let’s get started. 

Type – 1: Social Networks 

Social networks are all about connecting people with each other from around the world. 

Hence, if you’re careful with your planning, you can definitely build connections with peers and persuade influential individuals. 

Just be sure to converse with people on the platform as much as possible, and you’re all set. 

Type – 2: Discussion Forums 

Social discussion forums, such as Quora or Reddit, generally encourage people to share their ideas and discuss them with others.

Now, while going through them, you can find people asking questions that are related to your products and services. 

To get their attention, all you need to do is to answer their questions correctly and include a link to your website with a CTA. This way, you can increase your web traffic and promote your services to some extent too. 

Type – 3: Image-Sharing Networks 

Platforms like Flickr or Instagram are ideal for visual marketing. With them, you can share a high-quality image of your products or start a conversation with your potential buyers too. Thanks to the available features, you can also endorse creativity through marketing. 

Type – 4: Publishing And Blogging 

These social media websites will offer a platform to jot down your thoughts and share some ideas with your niche audience. 

The post can also be about your hobbies, current events, or something else. However, if you want to focus solely on marketing, writing about your niche should be ideal for your purpose. 

Type – 5: Internet-Based Platforms 

The internet-based platforms are ideal for sharing your unique interests and hobbies with others. For example, you can share a review of a book that you’ve read before on Goodreads. Conversely, sharing your journey to becoming an athlete will be possible on Strava. 

Type – 6: Video-Hosting Networks 

Video-hosting platforms, like TikTok or YouTube, are ideal for sharing a tutorial video of your products or services that you’re offering. You can also use the “Reels” section to create shorts on something that you want to share with your audience. 

Type – 7: Bookmarking Platforms 

On these platforms, you can jot down your ideas regarding a piece of content you’re going to use later. You may also use it for sharing links to various online resources. The purpose of bookmarking websites is to discover new content, discuss trends, and share interests. 

Type – 8: Consumer Review Networks 

On consumer review networks, you can share your perspective on an organization’s products and services. This way, others can identify the issues happening with them and enable the company to improve itself over time. 

Type – 9: Sharing Economy 

With these networks, you can get access to various resources by sharing all of your goods or services through the same. If you want, you will also be able to advertise your products too. 

Type – 10: Social Shopping 

With these networks, you can spot various trends, share usable finds, and follow some of your favorite brands. If you want to rank higher here, you will need to focus more on making the social element a little more entertaining and engaging.

Final Thoughts 

Social media, in essence, has become the core of marketing. However, if you don’t choose the right option for your purpose, it’ll be nearly impossible for you to succeed. 

Hopefully, we could share some tricks for you through this article. Nonetheless, if you still have any queries, make sure to ask us about them. We’ll try our best to help you out. 

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