10 Ways to Style Your Hair on Your Wedding Day

Style Your Hair on Your Wedding Day

While planning a wedding might involve aspects like the venues, wedding dress, décor and color scheme. There’s one thing you should endeavor not to forget, and that’s your wedding bridal hairstyle. While there are many wedding hairstyles that you can consider there is only one that will be perfect for you on your special day. 

Apart from how a style frames your face, you’ll also want to consider how it matches your dress, length of hair and overall look. 

To help you feel your best on your wedding day, below are some of the best bridal hairstyles for you to choose from. 

  1. Fun Bobs and Bangs

If you need a bridal hairstyle for short hair, then this one can be fun and sophisticated at the same time. A sleek and classic bob with cute wispy bangs is a hairstyle that makes a statement all on its own. A hairstyle that will look spectacular whether you wear a tiara and veil or not. Give out Cleopatra vibes on your big day with a hairstyle that would suit any wedding outfit you choose. 

  1. Messy Chignon

An effortless looking, messy chignon is the beautiful bridal hairstyle for the bride looking for the laid-back vibe. Apart from looking chic, it’s also a hairstyle that complements most attires and will look good on most face shapes. A most versatile style, it’s also great for medium to long hair, thin or full. 

  1. Flipped Bob Ends

Whether your hair has volume or not, this wedding hairstyle for medium length hair can add some extra flair to your look. All you need do is give a little flick to a long bob that stops just above the shoulders. A great hairstyle for straight hair, the slight flip at the ends gives it some attitude. Finish with some hairspray and it’s set. 

  1. Perfect Side Part 

You might have straight, or curly hair and the side part would still work for you. If you want something slightly unconventional, perhaps with slight bangs, then this wedding hairstyle might be for you. A side part also adds volume to your hair so it would elevate your look if you have thin hair. 

  1. Messy Bun

Another effortless look, the messy bun is a great choice for curly or textured hair. A more relaxed and tousled look than the sleek bun, it would require less care during the wedding since there is no compulsion to keep the hair in place. Sometimes a messy bun even looks better at the end of the day than it did at the beginning. 

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  1. Sleek Half-Up, Half-Down

Half-up wedding hairstyles are great for medium length to long hair. A perfect choice for the bride who can’t decide if she wants her hair up or down, the half-up half-down style would definitely stand out. This romantic hairstyle can be even more elegant with face framing wispy strands left out. This sleek hairstyle would also perfectly complement a minimalist type dress. 

  1. Classy Topknot

If you’re in need of hairstyles for long or medium hair for a wedding, then you might consider the classic topknot. It is hard to go wrong with this sleek do, especially if you want your hair away from your face all day. You could also choose to add a twist to it with some bangs, or face framing tendrils for a chic finish. 

  1. Old Hollywood Curls

A classic wedding curls hairstyle that will always be on trend is the Old Hollywood curls. With a deep part on the preferred side of your head, these curls have a bounce that can make you feel like a million bucks. If you would like them more wavy than curly, the curls can be teased out with a wide tooth comb. Use extra hold hairspray to keep them in place, and you are set. 

  1. Fishtail Updo

Create a goddess look with a wedding bridal hairstyle that is fit for a princess. A fishtail braid is exquisite on its own. You can make it even more unique by twisting it into an updo and pinning it up with a gorgeous clip accessory. For more than one wedding look, you can choose to leave the fishtail down for the wedding reception, literally letting your hair down. 

  1. Box Braids

A braid hairstyle for a wedding is a genius idea. Especially for coily or kinky hair, this is one hairstyle you would have to worry about during the wedding, after or even during the honeymoon. This is because box braids are not only gorgeous, they are a protective hairstyle that last long. It is also gets points for being a versatile hairstyle, because you could pin it up in an updo for the wedding ceremony, and let the braids fall down free or in a ponytail for the wedding reception. The braids can also be molded into a crown braid or braided to one side. So many options with this exquisite wedding bridal hairstyle. 

Whether you are choosing a back or front hair style for wedding, it is important that your wedding bridal hairstyle complements your wedding theme, your wedding attire and your personality. Any hairstyle that can nail these three will have you feeling and looking like the queen that you are. From sleek to tousled, straight or curly, modern or classic, choose the hairstyle that best defines you on your special day. 

Author: Kate Motina

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Kate heads the Wedding Forward content department. She’s an expert on wedding showers, honeymoon plans, destination weddings, photography, videos, and themes. Give her a wedding vision and she will give you a perfect wedding plan from her fingertips. She also has her unique articles on the site. She is a health and fitness enthusiast, and she’s crazy about photography!

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