2022 Guide to Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

Though worn to elevate your outfits and style, jewelry pieces express you. Hence, what type of jewelry you wear says quite a lot about you as a person.

While buying jewelry and adding it in detail to bring out your outfit is fun, something else makes the experience worthwhile. What is it?

Well, getting yourself some custom jewelry. Getting yourself custom jewelry helps you design your statement pieces in ways you like. Not only does it then help you define who you are as a person even more, but it will allow you to create pieces as unique as you.

Moreover, custom jewelry can make great gifts, and the receiver will appreciate how you went out of the way to design something just for them. So, if you are someone who wants to understand how custom jewelry design works, then you have landed at the right place.

Below we have a complete guide to custom jewelry all ready for you. 

A Complete Guide to Curating Custom Jewelry Pieces

Curating and buying custom jewelry isn’t as hard as it seems. It is pretty simple. When designing custom jewelry pieces, you have to set a budget and then understand the jewelry design and type you want.

Once you have figured out the basics and the important things down to the tiniest details, it’s a matter of time before the jewelry you imaged turns into a reality. For designing custom jewelry, you have to follow this breakdown process.


You must be wondering how much does custom jewelry cost? Well, it depends on you. Yes! The first and most important thing when getting yourself a piece of custom jewelry made is to set a budget. This is because the amount you put in will widely define what your customized statement jewelry piece will look like.

The more money you spend will help you add more attributes to it. However, this doesn’t mean that only more money will help you customize a gorgeous piece. You can always find a beautiful design at the price you have set for yourself. Hence, don’t go overboard with money if you don’t want to.

Visualize Your Thoughts

Once you have a set budget, the next is to visualize your dream design and tell it to your jeweler. While you can always verbally define the design and specifications you are looking for, we suggest taking an inspiration picture.

The picture will help you elaborate on your design and the jeweler to understand it better. Moreover, the inspiration pictures will help the customization process more manageable because the designer will get an idea of what style you are looking for.


Once you have a thorough idea of the design and the type of jewelry you want to get customized, now is the time to choose the material.

There are a variety of materials from which you can customize your jewelry like gold, silver, and even gorgeous stones like diamonds or sapphires. However, you should choose the material and rocks on your budget and which will suit your design the best.

Your jeweler can always help you in this forte.

Final Fittings

Once you have successfully curated a design and placed your order, your jeweler will start bringing your dream design to reality. Before the final product, your jeweler will ask you to come for a wax design fitting.

In this, a piece of wax jewelry incorporating your design will be curated, and you will be asked to come for a fitting. Once this finalizes, the jeweler will move on to make the actual product.

Customization of Antique Jewelry

While designing and customizing an entirely new piece of jewelry is excellent, giving a new look to your antique ones is even better.

Do you have a family heirloom passed down for several generations now? While this piece certainly holds sentimental value, the antique design doesn’t fit well with modern jewelry.

Hence, custom jewelry will help in this. You can change the jewelry style and give it a modern touch without losing your heirloom piece’s antique charm. 

Why Should I Get Custom Jewelry?

There isn’t one reason why you should get a piece of custom jewelry made. From the fact that it will be one unique piece that only you will have, down to you deciding even the tiniest details in it, a custom piece holds a lot of benefits.

What are those? Well, learn below:

  1. You can curate and design and piece which suits your budget and style yourself.
  2. While there are specific pieces that do look gorgeous, they interrupt your everyday task and hobbies. Custom jewelry helps you to curate those same designs and styles but in a way that incorporates your lifestyle.
  3. In a world where even jewelry pieces are mass-produced, a piece of custom jewelry will be a unique piece that only you will have. Hence, it will hold particular value, and it can become an heirloom that will be passed down to generations. 
  4. Custom jewelry helps you take two spate designs and fuse them into one statement piece. How cool is that!
  5. Considering how it is a unique piece, the jewelry will become a timeless staple that will never go out of style.

What Types of Jewelry Can I Customize?

The best part about customization is that you can do any type of jewelry. From custom pendants to rings with meaningful scriptures, a customized piece will look best on all.

Will Custom Jewelry Make a Good Gift?

Is that even a question? Custom Jewelry will probably make the best give you can give someone. Imagine you going out of the way to design a unique style that expresses the receiver perfectly. How touched will they be! This piece will not only define them as a person, but will explain the value they hold in your life.


Now that you have understood what it takes to get custom jewelry made and why it can be memorable for so many reasons, we hope it will help you quickly decide to get one created for yourself.

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