3 Boat Maintenance Tips: Making Sure Your Boat Stays Clean

Boat Maintenance Tips

If you’re one of the three hundred thousand people who purchased a boat in 2020, you’ll know how essential it is to take care of this investment.

However, cleaning and performing boat maintenance is much different than cleaning a car or a home. Keeping your vessel clean will help it run smoothly and stay in prime condition.

Unsure how to keep up with boat cleaning? Keep reading for some of the most crucial tips to help your ship sail smoothly.

1. Washing the Exterior

When it comes to your vessel, cleaning the exterior is crucial. Not only does it help your boat look great, but when it’s free of buildup, your boat can run better.

As your boat sails, sea life like barnacles and algae will stick to the underside. Though this may not seem significant, it can slow your boat down. A slow ship leads to an overheated engine and necessary fuel consumption.

To clean the underside, remove your boat from the water and gather your supplies. When cleaning, you’ll need to ensure you have boat-specific cleaners, as they’re safe for water.

2. Detail the Interior

Next, you’ll need to clean the interior. This is one of the most familiar steps, as it’s the most similar to cleaning your car or home.

You’ll want to begin by dusting and sanitizing high-touch surfaces. Next, you’ll want to vacuum any carpeted or fabric spaces like floors or a boat seat to remove hidden dirt and dust.

Once you’ve cleaned these surfaces, you’ll need to pay extra attention to your vinyl boat seats. Vinyl seats require the best boat seat cleaner to ensure they look great and don’t fade or warp due to improper care.

Finally, you’ll need to ensure your boat is fully stocked with fresh supplies. This includes adding a full fire extinguisher, cleaning supplies, kohler remote harness, first aid kid, and safety gear. Refreshing your supplies is a crucial part of boat maintenance.

3. Keep the Engine Clean

Finally, you’ll need to keep the engine clean. This is one of the most vital tips, as your motor is what keeps your boat functioning. Flushing your engine 

To begin, you’ll need to remove any large clumps of grease from the tank before thoroughly flushing it. After you’ve degreased and flushed the engine, you’ll want to let the tank dry before adding new oil to the reserve.

Don’t forget to flush and wash any lines attached to your engine, as these can be clogged with clumps of oil.

Boat Maintenance for Smooth Sailing

Ensuring you get every surface from the bottom to the boat seats when cleaning a boat is crucial to keeping your ship in tip-top shape. Whether you’re a weathered captain or first-time sailor, keeping these tips in mind is necessary.

If you found this guide to boat maintenance informative, check out the rest of our website. You’ll discover more tips and tricks to assist you on your adventures.

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