3 Different Types of Dentistry in Austin TX

Types of Dentistry

As a kid, your parents likely handled your dental needs without you needing to think twice. As adults, we often put off our dental care, believing that dental treatment is unnecessary.

While this is true sometimes, even a toothache can indicate a serious problem. If you live in Austin, TX and are ready to take your dental health seriously, here is some information on three types of dentistry to be aware of as you start taking better care of your oral health.

1. What Is A Preventative Dentist In Austin TX?

A preventive dentist works to maintain dental patients’ ongoing, good oral health. Preventive dentistry is ongoing care that patients are active participants in for their entire lives.

Ideally, preventative dentistry begins in childhood with proper oral hygiene and dental check-ups.

Preventive dentistry appointments provide: 

  • Yearly exams
  • Teeth cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • X-rays
  • Sealants

As part of your new plan to improve your dental health, research ‘Dentist Austin TX’ to learn how to prevent tooth decay.

As Austin residents, tooth decay is something to be aware of; with the love of all foods hot and spicy, fading enamel could be the first sign of a


Search ‘Dentist Austin TX’ to find a dentist near you if you notice issues with your teeth or gums.

Preventive dentistry is crucial as it keeps the build-up of problematic bacteria at bay, protecting your teeth and gums throughout your life. 

2. What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a form of dentistry that improves the appearance of one’s smile.

Browse online under terms like ‘Dentist Austin TX’ to find cosmetic dentists in the area that can improve the health and appearance of your teeth and gums.

Many patients seeking cosmetic dentistry want to feel more confident about their smiles. Others want to resolve long standing issues with teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can extend to patients who have significantly damaged their teeth and gums as a result of injury or substance abuse.

In these cases, the health of the smile, teeth, and gums remains a top priority, in addition to any cosmetic procedures deemed necessary to reconstruct a healthy smile.

3. What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Dental emergencies can look like:

  • A dental issue that brings about severe pain
  • The loss of a tooth or multiple teeth
  • Infections in the mouth
  • Bleeding from inside the mouth

Some bacterial mouth infections are life-threatening and require immediate emergency treatment.

In these situations, if you cannot locate an emergency dentist under search terms, ‘Dentist Austin TX,’ go to the emergency room.

Common dental emergencies include swollen jaw, a toothache without cause, and an abscessed tooth.

Note that dental abscesses can be life-threatening. If you are experiencing these issues, do a search for ‘Dentist Austin TX’ and get help immediately.

Don’t Ignore Your Dental Care

By taking your dental health seriously, you can potentially avoid the need for cosmetic and emergency dentistry. Be consistent with your oral hygiene and know the warning signs of infection to solve issues before they become too serious. 

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