3 Reasons You May Have to Ship Your Car

Ship Your Car

Getting ready for a trip? Let’s go through your travel checklist:

Sunscreen? Check.

Phone charger? Check.

Car? Uh…maybe not check.

Wherever you’re going in the world, taking your car with you can be a hassle. After all, they don’t exactly fit in your suitcase. 

If you need to transport your car across a large distance, you may need to ship your car. Car shipping services will deliver your car safely to whatever destination you choose.

This can save you the hassle of driving it across the country yourself–not to mention, it may be the safer option as well.

But, why would you ever need to ship a car? This situation may be more common than you think. Read on to discover three reasons why you would ship your car. 

1. Buying a Car From Out of State

One reason to pursue car shipping services is that you’re buying a car from out of state. Let’s say you’re in California and you’re buying a car in Florida. In this situation, driving across the country in one car, just to pick up another car would be a huge expense and time-eater.

Plus, it requires a minimum of two drivers!

Having your new car shipped to you from the state you bought it in is a logical way to save yourself some time and money so that you can focus on enjoying your new car!

2. Long Road Trip

Cross-country road trip anyone? This category of car shipping needs most commonly covers movers. If you’re moving across the country, you probably have multiple vehicles to transport (such as a moving van). Or, you may be choosing to fly to your new destination instead!

Shipping your car instead of driving it can leave room for you to transport your other belongings in a moving van or secondary vehicle.

Whether you’re starting a new job, making a military move, or starting school, you’ll be grateful that one item is off of your to-do list.

3. Taking Precautions

The final reason that many people may choose to ship their car is that it is safer–for you and the car. After all, almost 1.4 million Americans die in road-side accidents every year. 

Taking your car across the country could be dangerous; therefore, flying or taking an alternative mode of transportation might make you more comfortable.

Not to mention, that’s a lot of miles to put on your car and a lot of wear-and-tear to put on its engine. 

Saving yourself the stress, gas money, and mileage may be benefits of shipping your car to your destination instead of driving it. Worries about the cost related to car shipping? Use this instant quote calculator to estimate your cost today!

Ship Your Car to Avoid the Headache

No matter your reason for shipping your car, you’ll find a lot of affordable and reliable options out there. The best car shipping tips will tell you that working with a company you trust is crucial. 

Make sure you read reviews to find the best car shipping service for you. Now, happy travels!

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