3 Top Mistakes To Avoid During Black Tie Events

Black Tie Events

Black tie events are the rarest forms where men abide by the dress codes. These codes include having formal attire with a black tie and looking dapper for the rest of the evening. These occasions are mostly weddings, corporate events, or bachelor parties. Although uncommon, these events demand fluency in dress code and thus require an elaborate guide to understand it. There are often a few mistakes that people end up making during such an event, and they can be easily avoided.   

These events, especially if they have the purpose of networking and growing a business, require detailed attention. A black tie event in such cases can make or break your impression. Looking your best and standing out is the most crucial part of such events, as a stronger impression will make people more interested in understanding you and your work. A black tie for men is nothing less than a ramp walk requiring a sophisticated style, confidence, and no room for error. If you are someone seeking these tiny details that can help you with your look, then make sure you avoid these mistakes mentioned below. 

Tuxedo vs Suit: 

Knowing the difference between the two holds great importance and should not be interchanged as one. In the dress code, world tuxedos and suits are two different things and can’t be clubbed under one. A tuxedo has a shiny satin lapel that runs down on the side of the pants, which is not the case with suits, as the lapel is made of the same material and does not have a satin lapel to it. There is also a stark difference with the buttons you use in suits which are plastic, whereas tuxedos have satin buttons. These buttons are used to create more elegance and know that the outfit is for a special evening. Mostly black tie events prefer tuxedos over suits. The primary way to know whether you have an option is by checking what your invite says. You can choose between the two if it says black tie preferred or optional.

Not Staying Original: 

Although the point is to make you look uniform and not traditionally stand out from the crowd, your choices of fabric and accessories can eventually help you with that. But to stand out, you may not necessarily need to go for creative options that can spoil the look of the evening. Some colours have been added to the black tie dress code, but sticking to black can play its charm. Creativity may have perks at these events, but if you are a beginner keeping it original can do the trick. 


Picking out the wrong shoes for the event can break your outfit and be challenging to fix. Shoes are essential to your black tie outfit and must be given equal attention. It is what completes your look. Going for the leather oxford formal shoes is the best option one can choose. Velvet loafers or any detailed shoes can break your outfit if not done right so they can be easily avoided. 

Black tie for men is an excellent opportunity to explore the impact style and confidence can have on a particular event. If it is casual and family-like, choosing bolder colours, such as midnight blue, can help you create a different style. But it is better to stick with the original black jacket and white shirt for business events. 

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