4 Home Improvement Trends on the Rise in 2023

Home Improvement Trends

Homeowners are prioritizing renovations that align with modern trends while also making their homes more functional for their lifestyle. While projects such as interior painting continue to dominate the list, homeowners are increasingly upgrading their spaces in different ways. Check out 4 Home Improvement Trends on the Rise in 2023. 

1. Eco-Friendly Materials 

As environmental awareness grows, homeowners and tradespeople are increasingly looking for eco-friendly materials. These materials are often made from renewable resources and require less energy to produce. They also create fewer greenhouse gases and pollutants during production. 

Many of these materials are also biodegradable. Cork, for example, is harvested without damaging the tree, and many lumber salvage yards carry 2X framing material that has been sourced responsibly. Grasscloth wallpapers use renewable grasses, and low-VOC paints and caulk eliminate toxic chemicals. 

Choosing eco-friendly materials is a great way to minimize environmental impact while adding beauty and functionality to your home. Using green construction practices can help you save on utility costs and improve indoor air quality. It can also increase your competitiveness among sustainability-driven clients. Many companies are producing planet-friendly products, such as reusable bin bags from Onya that are certified compostable to Australian, European, USA, and New Zealand standards. They are also lightweight, anti-microbial, sand free, and 100% recyclable. 

2. Smart Homes 

Featuring remotely controlled devices, smart homes improve safety and enhance convenience. They’re also energy efficient and eco-friendly. Smart home technology allows homeowners to control devices like automatic doors, locks, lights, thermostats, and more using compatible mobile apps. 

Smart tech can even monitor a home, so it turns off appliances if nobody’s around and shuts down the sprinkler system before a rainstorm. This helps to avoid overwatering and reduces electricity bills. 

Another benefit of smart home technology is increased home value. Studies show that homeowners are willing to pay more for a house with smart features. However, it’s important to know your needs before investing in this technology. For example, if you’re concerned about security, make sure your Wi-Fi password is strong and not shared with others. Similarly, always keep your device software up to date and change the passwords on a regular basis. This will help prevent hackers from accessing your information or using your device to hack into other smart home devices. A home warranty in North Carolina may be able to cover smart home features or upgraded appliances, HVAC, etc. It is important to note that every company has different coverages, so be sure to look into a reputable company for assistance. 

3. Adding Curves 

Homeowners are looking to make their homes more energy-efficient and eco friendly. This includes adding smart home devices that allow homeowners to control their lighting and other appliances remotely. 

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are getting an upgrade. From artisanal backsplashes to custom areas for rinsing off shoes and boots, these utilitarian spaces are becoming stylish places to work or play in 2023. 

Other trends include adding curves to rooms, like curved mirrors, coffee tables or accent chairs. This style of design provides a soft touch to rooms that can be a welcome break from the hard edges of modern design. 

In addition to adding personal touches, many homeowners are choosing to stay put and renovate their current homes instead of purchasing a new one. As housing costs continue to rise, it makes sense for some people to update their existing space rather than moving. Experienced design-build teams can help homeowners navigate their options to find the right remodel for them. 

4. Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom 

A luxurious spa bathroom is a big trend homeowners can embrace this year. This renovation allows them to create a relaxing and soothing space to bathe or shower in, which makes it one of the most enjoyable improvements they can make to their home. 

Another popular renovation this year is a dedicated home office, as working from home has become a significant part of many Americans’ lives. This type of home improvement can help people be more productive, and it also allows them to work in a space that is separate from the rest of their house. 

Storage is another major trend for bathrooms, and it can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Custom closets, mudroom lockers, and stylish open shelving are some of the most popular options. These upgrades allow homeowners to keep their clutter-free and can add a pop of color or interest to the room.

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