4 Unique and Interesting Activities to Do in Canggu


Canggu is a tourist village in southern Bali, famous for its beach attractions with big sea waves. This village beach stretches for more than 10 km and has many names. A few years ago, few tourists knew about this destination.

But now, canggu bali is expanding very rapidly, making it one of the most popular beach tourist destinations. What holiday activities should you do while visiting Canggu? Here’s the explanation.

4 Vacation Activities to Do in Canggu

You have a vacation plan in Bali and are interested in Canggu tourist attractions. You might ask! What are some popular holiday activities in the Canggu area? Is Canggu Worth A Visit?

Indonesian tourists choose to stay in the tourist area of Canggu Bali because they are interested in private villas with affordable private pools. Apart from private villas, this tourist area has many cafes, yoga locations, bars, and restaurants.

For those staying at tourist destinations in Canggu and who want to know the most popular holiday activities there, here is a list of activities.

1. Sitting on the Beach

There are several beach attractions in the Canggu area. However, the Canggu beach attraction has a black sandy beach, different from the white sandy beaches on Melastiungasan Beach and Nusa Penida Island. Canggu beach attractions such as

Boron Rock Beach

Echo Beach (Batumejan Beach)

Belawa Beach.

All beaches in Canggu are perfect for watching the sunset because the coastline faces southwest. Echo Beach and Belawa Beach are the most often visited beaches in Canggu by tourists.

The beauty here is the same as thousand islands in Nusa Penida.

2. Visit the Finns Recreation Club in Canggu

Finns Recreation Club is a recreational area in Canggu, visited by many Indonesian tourists, especially family tourists with children.

This tourist location turns out to have a large swimming pool, water slide, tennis court, fitness center, restaurant, and much more.

3. Wandering around the rice fields

If you like rice fields, you will love to visit the Canggu area. To get to Munggu Beach, you need to explore the Jalan Raya Seseh area.

Of course, the view of the rice fields in the Canggu area is not like the one in Ubud, but at least you can find the atmosphere of the rice fields in the Canggu area.

In Canggu, the best way to see the rice fields is by cycling in the morning or evening. If you like to ride a bike, better ride a bike.

4. Visit Finn’s Beach Club in Canggu

When Indonesian tourists are on family trips in the Canggu district, please come to Splash Water Park. It’s different from a place for honeymooners and Indonesian tourists who spend their holidays with their loved ones.

The most popular holiday activity that Indonesian tourists like during their honeymoon in this popular area is visiting Finn’s Beach Club. This place is one of the most famous beach clubs in the Canggu district of Bali.

The location is on Jalan Pantai Belawa. Honeymoon couples who visit Finn’s Beach Club sometimes enjoy their vacation by relaxing and swimming or enjoying food and drinks until the sun goes down.

Those are some of the activities you should do when visiting Canggu in Bali. If you plan a vacation to Bali, you can consider Canggu as a tourist destination. Even if you can only stop by for a few hours, it will be nice.

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