5 Advantages of High Security Keys

High Security Keys

The US faces another burglary every 26 seconds. That adds up to 1 million every year. 

39% of burglars used unlocked doors to get in. It’s the second most common method.

Victims lose $2,779 on average during each of these crimes, and securing your door is one of the best ways to protect yourself. Read on to learn five advantages of using high security keys.

1. Difficult to Duplicate

Many types of keys have “do not duplicate” on the side, but this is more of a formality. A quick trip to the hardware store can be enough for criminals to get their own copy. 

High security keys have a unique patent. Only a specialized commercial locksmith can make another copy.

2. Easy to Reset

28% of Americans lose their keys at least twice a month. Other than TV remotes, they’re the primary part of the 2.5 hours every year spend looking for lost items.

This isn’t a problem with high security keys. They’re so specialized that they may seem difficult to reset if one gets lost or stolen, but this isn’t the case.

It doesn’t take long to have the master and grandmaster keys fixed and the locks changed. No one who tries to use the lost or stolen key will be able to get in. Everyone else who needs them will soon get replacement keys.

3. Tamper-Proof

Most high security locks are almost impossible to pick. They only respond to a specific pin on a high security key.  

A criminal may also try to use brute force to tamper with the lock. If they’re strong enough, they may be able to break down the door, but they will have a hard time forcing their way through the actual lock.

They have specialized deadbolts that come with anti-drilling methods. Criminals won’t be able to get through them without the key.

4. Remote Access

Secure and convenient key options are great for anyone, from those who run a large business with multiple locations to a homeowner who travels often. 

Most high security locks are synced to an app. You can lock, unlock, and set the alarm from a distance without even using a key.

You can watch the building so you know if anyone attempts to use a key or break in. Most apps even let you contact the police department as soon as a break-in occurs. 

5. Customization

High security keys are one of the most customizable security options. They’ll be made to fit your locks, but you can also have them designed for separate locations.

A business may want to give employees a special set of new keys when they start work. Limiting their access helps prevent the $50 billion a year lost to internal employee theft alone. 

More Information on High Security Keys

Traditional locks and keys aren’t always enough to keep criminals away from your home or business. High security keys are a more effective solution.

They’re difficult to duplicate or tamper with but easy to reset if needed. You can customize them to fit different buildings and operate them remotely with apps and other technology.

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