5 Arguments for Why EPL Is Considered the World’s Best League


The English Premier League has frequently been compared to other leagues, such as the LA Liga and French Ligue 1 when discussing player makeup. Although there are particular arguments for and against this claim, the EPL has its advantages due to being the most watched league in the world. Having said that, let’s examine some of the characteristics that make it the finest ngoại hạng anh trực tiếp in the world.

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1. The largest league in terms of revenue generation as a justification

If we look at the statistics, the English Premier League is home to nearly 10 of the 20 richest clubs. This is due not only to the money that the clubs themselves have amassed but also to the money that the league’s governing bodies distribute to the clubs as a result of the league’s global telecast rights. The clubs in the English premier league seldom play in another competition that draws as much attention. In addition, the best teams in the English premier league get the greatest money ($150 million), while the lower level clubs receive the same amount ($100 million) if we include the whole TV revenue and prize money. 

2 Securing the Top TV Timeslots

Even if you disagree with the English Premier League’s dominance, its times are undoubtedly more convenient for spectators throughout the world than those of any other league. The majority of the reason for this is due to the convenient times of all premier league games, which vary from noon to midnight. Even if it might not be beneficial for the audience in the Pacific area, it nevertheless draws the majority of viewers from the Asian region.

To increase the number of spectators from the Asia Pacific area for the league viewing, the premier league administrators are even considering moving some of the matches too late morning timeslots. For all the fans across the world, this is the finest moment since they don’t have to stay up late to watch their favorite teams compete. Furthermore, most La Liga games begin late at night, which has a significant negative influence on the overall viewing.

3. The EPL Players

If we discuss the English Premier League’s elite players’ indulgence, superstars like Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar’s absence would ultimately render it meaningless. The English Premier League does not include the best players, but rather some of the best who play there every day. If we were to compute the total number of Top International Players in all the teams competing in the EPL, we would learn as much.

4. Regulars from the Most International Countries

A league’s proficiency may be evaluated in-depth by the calibre of players it employs, and the English premier league lags behind its rivals in this regard. The English Premier League alone produces the greatest number of players each year that represent their nations in international competitions like the Euro Cup and World Cup, with all other clubs coming in second. This demonstrates unequivocally that the English Premier League has its calibre and level of competition, which not only brings out the best in every player but also draws the attention of their national teams to the same in the process.

5. Cutting-edge football facilities

If you look at the stadiums of the many clubs competing in the EPL, you can see that the revenue they are receiving is heading in the correct direction. And yes, we’re not just referring to wealthy teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool; we’re also referring to teams at lesser levels like Newcastle United, Fulham, and others. Every stadium in the UK has about the same degree of upscale amenities if you just go there.

On the other side, England is frequently referred to as the breeding ground for the finest footballers of the future. Players like Rio Ferdinand, David Beckham, and Wayne Rooney have all achieved international success after beginning their careers at regional academies. It’s often believed that the majority of the players receive their training and nutrition here before moving on to play in other leagues in exchange for lucrative contracts and notoriety.

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