5 Awesome Corporate Team Building Ideas

Corporate Team Building Ideas

What do you do when you have a group of employees who don’t know each other very well yet? Or, what do you do when you’re looking to add more opportunities?

Company team building can be the answer to both of those questions. It improves teamwork and profitability.

If you don’t have experience with team building and aren’t sure where to turn, you’ve come to the right place. There’s no better time than the present to start planning extraordinary corporate events.

Keep reading to learn more about corporate team building ideas.

1. Do Indoor Activities

There are many fantastic ideas, but indoor team-building activities are some of the best. It allows people to get to know each other more intimately and create bonds that can last a lifetime. Here are a few great ideas to get you started:

Get To Know Each Other

One of the best ways to build team unity is to get to know each other better. Plan fun events to allow everyone to mingle and learn more about each other.

Go on Escape Rooms

The Great Escape Room St Pete is all the rage right now! It’s a great way to get your team working together to solve puzzles and figure out clues.

Encourage Open Communication

It is a must for any team to function well. Encourage everyone to share their thoughts and ideas. Be sure to listen to each person’s input.

Some activities include building a gingerbread house and playing with a giant Jenga. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that will get everyone interacting—and working together towards a common goal.

2. Get Out in the Sun

Another great idea is hosting an offsite retreat for employee wellness. Retreats allow them to get away from the hustle and bustle of the office. It can include anything from hiking and challenging outdoor activities. As well as more lighthearted fare like cooking classes and wine tastings.

Here are a few outdoor activities that will get your team working together and having fun:

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt is where employees have to find specific items within a certain time frame. It’s a great way to get your team working together to solve puzzles and find hidden treasures. You can tailor the hunt to your team’s interests, history, pop culture, or something else.

Have a Picnic

This is a great way to relax and bond with your team. Make it a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite dish.

Hold Out Competitions

This is sure to get everyone pumped up and working together. This could be something like a relay race or an obstacle course. You could also add sports like friendly basketball, volleyball and even eating contests!


Doing a charity event together is a great way to build team morale and give back to the community. It could be something as simple as food or a clothing drive or something more complicated like a bake sale or a car wash.

No matter what you do, you’ll be able to bond with your team while doing something good for others.

3. Meet Virtually

This is a great way to get employees to build relationships without having to be in the same physical space. Several different activities can be done virtually, such as:

Online Trivia Games

These can be tailored to your company or industry. It can be fun for employees to learn more about each other. 

Trivia games are a great way to build team morale and cohesion within a company. They can also be used to educate employees on company policies and procedures. By playing this, employees can learn about their company, its history, and its products in a fun way.

Worksheet Bingo

Each team member will need a bingo card and a pen or pencil to play this. One person will be the caller, and they will randomly choose a number from 1 to 100.

The number will correspond to a question on the bingo card. The team member with the bingo card will then have to answer the question.

Employee Recognition

Nothing is more rewarding than being recognized for hard work. You can take the time to talk to your employees and get to know them personally. This can help create a more positive and productive work environment for everyone.

4. Host Themed Parties

One of our favorites is themed activities. This can be anything from dressing up in costumes to decorating the office space. Employees could also design their office space accordingly.

It allows employees to let their creative juices flow and have a ton of fun. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with coworkers and build team morale.

The most common events to hold themed parties are Christmas and Halloween. Think outside the box to develop fun themes that will bond your team in no time. And who knows, you might have some fun yourself in the process!

5. Invest in Your Employees

There are many great ideas to consider when investing in your employees. You could start by offering exercises and challenges that promote communication and collaboration.

You could also create opportunities for employees to socialize outside of work. Such as through company-sponsored sports teams or social events. You could invest in development programs that provide opportunities to advance in careers.

Whatever team-building ideas you pursue, show your employees that you value them. And that you are committed to creating a positive and productive work environment.

Corporate Team Building Ideas – Make It Fun!

There are a lot of corporate team building ideas out there, but not all are created equally. To ensure your team-building event is a success, you must focus on making it fun. Employees are more likely to take part and engage in enjoyable activities.

Team building doesn’t have to be all work and no play. By adding a few fun elements, you can ensure that your team has a great time. They must come away from the event feeling closer to each other.

If you’re looking for more great team building ideas, check out the rest of our website.

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