5 Car Maintenance Tips for All New Car Owners

Car Maintenance Tips

The car and automobile manufacturing industry in the US had an estimated worth of $104.2 billion in 2022. This shows how the demand for cars in the US is continually growing. 

But a lot of people get new cars and don’t know how to look after them. Car maintenance is an important part of prolonging the life of your vehicle. It also means you have to spend less money in the long run, even if you have to spend some money every so often. 

Keep reading for 5 car maintenance tips all new car owners should know!

1. Make Small Repairs Immediately

Cars get a little banged up as they’re used. That’s normal. But if you notice small issues, it’s always better to fix them immediately before they become a much bigger problem. 

For example, when driving it’s normal for small stones to be picked up from the road by cars in front of you, that then hit your windshield. But if you notice tiny cracks, get them fixed immediately. Otherwise, the next time your car experiences a hard break or bump, that crack might spread across the whole windshield.

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2. Oil and Filter Changes

It’s best to check your oil every month or so. The rule of thumb is that it’ll need to be changed about once every year. When you change it, you should also replace the oil filter. 

This helps keep your engine working smoothly. This means it’s less likely to break down later on, so you save money in the long run with this yearly expense. 

3. Tires

The tires are one of the most important parts of the car. Regularly check the tread of your tires and keep an eye out for punctures. 

Tires age differently depending on how what type of tire they are, how they’re driven, the distances driven, the state of the road and weather, and a few other factors. 

4. Trustworthy Replacements

If at some point you need to buy replacement parts for your car, always make sure you’re buying from a trustworthy source. 

You can do this by looking up online reviews, finding out how long the company has been around, and doing price comparisons.

5. Keep Detailed Records

While this isn’t technically relevant to maintaining your car, it is an important part of maintenance. Good record keeping will make your life way easier in the future. 

If you ever want to sell your car or argue for insurance premium adjustments, records will help you. They are your proof that you’ve fixed up your car and are a testament to the condition that you say it’s in. 

Any time you replace or repair a part of your car, document the date and cost. If you took the car to someone else, document the receipts and the business name. 

Regular Car Maintenance Keeps Your Car in Good Condition

If you want your car to stay in a good condition, car maintenance is important. Luckily these tips will help you keep your car as good as new!

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