5 Most Popular Types of Homes in Palm Springs

Homes in Palm Springs

The initial architectural designs of the Palm Springs home styles were created by Marjorie Sorensen while researching architecture in the Palm Springs region. The city has gained its beautiful look from its environs. Palm spring is a resort city that sits amidst a desert, giving viewers an outstanding outlook.

The neighborhoods of Palm Springs city offer an exceptional residential area, which all residents are proud to call their homes.

These residential houses range from mansions to single-family, and more are available to everyone trying to find homes for sale within this resort city.

1.   Spanish Style Homes

Colonial architects inspired the style of these homes during the Spanish rule. Although Spanish-style homes are now found in many countries, they are dominant in areas colonized by Spain, like California.

The stucco walls and terracotta roofing are the critical design features that distinguish Spanish-style homes from many homes. The two design features are intended to regulate the temperatures inside the room by checking the rate of heat flowing into and out of the house, making them comfortable to stay in both winter and summer.

2.   Mid-Century Modern Homes Style

The term “mid-century “refers to furnishings that dominated the home style in the middle of the 20th century. The distinctive features include an open floor, intense erect beams that support the roof, big window planes, and a one-slope ceiling that gives it a unique design. The furniture fittings of mid-century modern homes that can hold most household items are what made them grow in popularity.

3.   Modern Ranch Home Style

The modern ranch home style is another popular home style in palm spring. They have been customized with multilevel design features that give an epic view of the desert. Modern ranch homes are loved for their spacious outdoors and living. This home type also has a higher level of privacy than any other home style in palm spring.

4.   Bungalow Home Style

The best bungalows are commonly found in the downtown Palm Springs mixed without home styles like mid-century and Spanish-style homes. In the region, bungalows are usually one or two big-story buildings that artists often love. Celebrities tend to run away from intense heat in southern California to secure homes in this region. Bungalows are also essential to stars during film productions as they feature good and expensive lifestyles in their shows.

5.   Residential Vernacular Home Styles

The term refers to a collection of various simple designs of home styling in Palm Springs. These homes lack complexions found in other types of home styles like the Spanish-style homes, with no whistles or bells. Residential vernacular homes are typically built using raw materials sourced locally. They are cheap and often loved by people who don’t love so much home facilities and extras.


Most of the houses in Palm Springs are best designed to suit the hot climatic conditions in the area. For instance, Spanish-style homes are designed with stucco walls and terracotta roofing to lower the rates of heat penetration. Many tiny houses have been demolished and replaced with spacious homes with large outdoor living spaces and parking slots.

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