5 Off-Roading Tips for Winter Weather

Jeep winches

Jeeps are capable vehicles in the summer and winter months. People who own vehicles like Wranglers do so for the opportunities to test their limits. The winter provides the most natural and extreme testing ground imaginable for any vehicle, but face it, a jeep is the only one capable of the challenge.

Before you attempt off-roading in the winter, you will need to prepare your Jeep for the unique challenges of the season. You may need to invest in Jeep lift kits, snow tires, and a number of other safety equipment pieces.

1. Lift Your Jeep

Off-roading in any season can benefit from the installation of a lift kit. The brush, rocks, boulders, and branches present unique challenges that a lift kit can circumvent. The winter includes a unique challenge: snow.

Snow drifts can reach heights of inches to several feet. A proper lift kit can help cold-weather off-roaders make it through even the most challenging terrain without issue. However, be aware that lifting your Jeep can also expose the undercarriage to greater risks, so you might also want to invest in guards.

2. Winches for Emergencies

If you are an off-roading enthusiast, you likely already own a winch for your Jeep. If you don’t yet have one, you need one before taking winter treks. Besides snow, you also need to worry about ice patches. It is possible and likely you will need a winch in the winter. Even if you don’t need the tool for yourself, you may come across other adventurers who could use your help.

Not all winches are equal, so you should review a winch buying guide before making a purchase. You want the right tool for your vehicle and any expected trouble.

3. Air Down Your Tires

Off-roading is all about maintaining as much control as possible. In the winter, control comes down to traction. Many off-roaders recommend airing down your tires or deflating them slightly. Letting some air out of your tires can increase ground contact and traction. The amount of air to release likely depends on your vehicle and tires.

4. Reduce Weight

You also want to reduce the weight of your vehicle as much as possible. When a Jeep is too heavy, it increases the odds of sinking into the snow, which is especially problematic if you drive through a soft spot.

The goal of decreasing weight is to keep your Jeep on top of the snow as much as possible. You can remove the hard top and even the doors to lighten the load, but never remove essential equipment like emergency supplies and tools.

Did You Know: Disco 60m 40m 235m.

5. Know the Environment

While Jeep winches can help you out of some precarious situations, the best way to stay safe is to drive through familiar territory. Also, you must understand the risks of winter off-roading to ensure you purchase and stock the right equipment and necessities.

Winter off-roading is potentially fun and hazardous. You need to ensure you focus on safety and precaution. If you are unfamiliar with off-roading during the winter, travel with someone more experienced. Also, talk to an auto parts supplier about the proper equipment and tools for such exploration. 

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