5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Invest in Voice Over Artist


In the age of technology, it is now useless to spend on voice over artists. Traditionally, people spent thousands of dollars on voiceover to make quality content but that is now changing. If you have doubts, hear the digital voice-over artists especially with free text-to-speech voice overs.

They are effective and it is free to use. Especially if you are young and have an idealistic and passionate approach towards your organization, you will recommend using them to your bosses. This is working more because all of us are stuck in our houses due to the pandemic and it is exactly what the voice casting sites are using to gain their market.

The text to audio transformation uses AI to produce realistic voices and it is better accepted by society. Content is perceived better if people hear it rather than mindlessly read it which facilitates loss of concentration and understanding. These tools are handy in making effective voice over for content.

Why Is Online Voice Over Platforms Gaining Popularity?

Traditionally voice-overs were done by only voice-over artists. But as per the latest trends, free online platforms are providing voiceovers in the best quality and real-life human emotions.

Offline Text to Speech technology turns out to be more time-consuming and costly. Hence, brands are shifting from online text to audio voice-over platforms releasing original AI voices with human emotions and tonality.

Now, there are some inherent problems with voice-over artists nowadays due to which they are continuously losing popularity. Let us discuss a few of those eminent reasons.

What Are The Inherent Problems Of A Traditional Voice Over Artist?

There are five top inherent problems of voice Artists due to which their market is losing momentum continuously:

· Pitch:

The pitch of voice-over artists vary according to the quality of the voice of the artist doing the voice-over. Some may have a high pitch while some may have a low. It can happen that the pitch that you want in your voice-over is not compatible with the pitch of the artist’s voice. But with online voice-over platforms, you can get the exact kind of pitch and quality of voice you want.

· Modulation:

You can modulate the voice overs on the online platform. But the voices of real humans or artists cannot be modulated as per your wish. It is a huge advantage in the case of online platforms over voice-over artists.

· Editing Of Voice Overs:

Voice Overs produced by voice-over artists require continuous editing so that they can be used in professional fields of work. But voiceovers produced on online platforms are already edited in their best conditions and require no further human labor.

· Time:

Demand for voice-over artists is in steady decline as the cost of living is steadily going up. It takes a huge amount of time for actual artists to record these voiceovers time and time over again as per the requirement of the client. While voice-over platforms provide AI voices that convert your text to an audio in no time. It saves a lot of time.

· Money:

Recording a voice-over every time with human voice artists means that they need to be paid for the amount of work they will deliver. Hence, a lot of money is wasted on the human labour force. But this does not happen in the case of online platforms as they are free and easily convert your text to an AI voice which is a lot cheaper.

In Conclusion:

The voice over industry is worth billions of dollars. The industry in the next decade can be ruled by online voice over generation platforms. The demand of the time is to switch and make those changes in your content generation journey. Afterall, it is effective and it is free.

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