5 Safest Countries To Study Abroad In 2022 For International Students

Safest Countries To Study Abroad

When international students consider studying abroad, there are multiple aspects that they take care of, such as academic value, monetary budget, etc. But apart from all these, there is one core factor where international students conduct more of their research: the place’s safety. 

Being an international student in a new country has its own set of fears. Most students prefer to study abroad, especially in places with a low crime rate and where they can settle professionally well. If you are one of them, this blog can help you in your research. Read along to find the top study abroad destinations safe for international students in 2022. 

5 Student-Friendly Countries To Consider In 2022

If you see around, a variety of counties can be considered to study abroad. While their academic value is great, due to the high crime rates and violent activities, most students drop the idea of making their educational investment there. So, how can you find the safest countries for your academic studies?

Based on the Global Peace Index, you can easily identify which countries are safe. The countries will be judged on a parameter from one to five, wherein the lowest numbers will be considered the safer countries. Thus to help you research better, we have listed the Global Peace Index ranked countries. If you wish to seek more details on the same, reach out to popular educational consultants such as Yocket anytime. 

Here is an overview of the top ones:

1. Iceland

2. Denmark

3. New Zealand

4. Japan

5. Canada

6. Ireland


Iceland ranks first on the Global Peace Index with a score of 1.107. This is a preferred choice for students as the country has a more relaxed law and much trust amongst its residents. The country has a smaller population count when compared to the above-listed countries, and the law here doesn’t support their actions with arms forces all the time. 

Iceland has been on the top list of the Global Peace Index for more than a decade. It is one of the peaceful countries for students to study and live well. There are lesser terrorist attacks, homicide rates, etc. Residents here have always been warm to the diverse cultures that reside here. 


Denmark’s Global Peace Index of 1.296 is among the top 5 safest countries listed abroad. The significant factor about Denmark is the discipline the residents follow there. All the major rules of living in a society are followed there. Denmark is also popular for the high standard of educational system they offer. 

You can see most international students flock here since from academics, finding a job to living with a diverse culture, the residents of Denmark have been warm and polite. Here you will experience a slow-moving lifestyle as residents are known to ponder over the little things that make them happy such as the fresh air, etc. 

New Zealand

New Zealand is another popular study choice for millions of international students. On the Global Peace Index, this country scores 1.269, making it a top 2 choice on the list. New Zealand has always been on the list to study abroad due to the advantages it offers. From having a low crime rate to welcoming immigrants of a different race, the country has always been kind to non-residents. 

From an academic point of view, the country offers a diverse range of study programs and has many universities that are listed on the QS-world university rankings of 2023, such as The University of Auckland etc. 


Japan is another popular destination to study abroad. On the Global Peace Index, this country scores 1,336 and stands within the top 10 safest countries on the list. Japan doesn’t require any introduction when it comes to the hospitality and educational contributions they conduct. 

Japan’s residents have always treated others with respect and have proven to be helping people for anyone who visits or resides there. You can always find immigrants and the residents here travelling together as making friends is not difficult. Academically, pursuing an education here will result in a meaningful degree and better career opportunities. 


On the Global Peace Index, Canada scores 1,389 making it on the top 15 safer countries list. Canada is one of the top countries that have seen a more significant number of international students residing there. Most of the residents there come from India alone. Indian believe Canada is a great place to live and study because of the relaxing visa process and better human treatment they receive from the president and people there. 

Canada has an economy that is growing fruitfully. This means international students here can earn a good living after their studies. Besides this, Canada has a great pub life and can be seen crowded almost every weekend. Canada will always be a great student destination as the warmth, convenience and affordability they offer students here cannot be found elsewhere. 


Ireland is on the top list for choosing the best student-friendly countries globally. On the Global Peace Index, this country scores 1.288, making it the top 3 country on that list. This country is a student-friendly destination for various reasons, such as home to the best Irish foods and hosting multiple festivals such as art, music, etc.

Apart from this, the core reasons why Ireland is the best-suited country for international students are the low crime rates, elimination of gun usage, zero wars, etc. Ireland is known for its friendly residents, which means you’ll never feel left out as a new persona living here. Regarding academic value, the country offers a range of programs and well-established academic institutes that provide an excellent learning experience. 

These study abroad destinations have been a popular choice amongst international students because they provide a safer environment for diverse cultures. An abroad study destination will only be favoured when the country offers a pleasant environment for immigrants to reside in when visiting the country. With this list in hand, it’s time to explore the highly ranked universities here that cater to your academic interests and needs.

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