5 Smart Ways to Upcycle Your Christmas String Lights This Year

Christmas String Lights

One of the best parts about approaching the winter season is the fact that you can hang up your Christmas decorations again. 

Besides, there is something about beautiful baubles adorning your Christmas tree and the pretty Christmas lights that make this time of the year more beautiful than the rest.

And while you may want to leave your Christmas decorations throughout the year, most of these decorations come with seasonal themes, which make them appropriate only for Christmas. 

But this is not the case with the Christmas string lights. These can add a touch of excellence and enchantment to your home regardless of the season. 

So, before you decide to pack up your lights, make sure to read this till the end to see how you can re-style them in 5 unique ways!

#1 Make Your Photographs Brighter

Undoubtedly, you are sure to have a few memorable photos of the best memories of your life. 

Whether they are polaroid images or processed pictures, these life-changing photographs deserve to be showcased in the best way possible. So why not use your Christmas string lights to show them off?

All you need to do is hang your lights and fix a picture in the middle using clothespins. This might sound like a basic idea, but the final appearance of this idea is genuinely captivating.

#2 Create Your Own Night Lights

Yet another DIY way to upcycle your Christmas string lights is by including them into clear baubles or Mason containers.

Whether you want to do this with plain white lights or a mix of different coloured lights is left to you. Either way, this idea is guaranteed to add a touch of vibrance to an otherwise dull room!

#3 Upgrade Your Living Space With Bright Lights

Typically Christmas lights are put up on the tree to make it look astounding. But did you know that they have the same effect when they are hung in your living spaces? 

Not only is it a quick way to elevate the look and feel of the standard rooms, but it is also super easy to set up! All you ought to do is add a strand of these serial lights and fix them using double-sided tape. And voila! Your room now looks bright and beautiful!

#4 Use LED Lights to Style Your Bedroom

It is no surprise that Christmas string lights look absolutely beautiful during Christmas. And while you can use them to decorate the common spaces, they also make for a great addition to your bedroom.

Whether you decide to hang them up on the walls or the windows, adding serial lights to your bedroom is sure to give the space a look of luxury. So if you are looking for a quick way to add light into the bedroom, this is the best idea for you!

#5 Style It Up by Adding Ornaments

As mentioned earlier, Christmas decorations are ideally designed for use during the Christmas season. However, if you do not want the Christmas spirit to end, add a few baubles and ornaments along with the lights in the room!

All you ought to do is add a few Christmas ornaments in a clear container or a glass case and add a set of battery operated lights. And you’re all set!

Parting Thoughts

A recent study revealed that Australians spend almost $25 billion collectively on Christmas every year. Whether it is food or décor, people love lavishly spending Christmas. 

However, because most of these items are seasonal, they tend to run out of style quickly. But if you choose to re-style your items, you can make use of your Christmas décor all through the year!

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