5 Things To Do Before Shifting To An Old Country House


Country houses attract families with kids. Most people think that they can raise better kids by living away from cities. Rightly so, a closely-knitted neighborhood is better for the upbringing of your child. However, many issues arise when it comes to finding the right house for your family. 

Country houses can be old and devoid of modern facilities. However, it does not mean that you have no choice. You can convert an old country house into a perfect mansion for your family by following these simple tips. 

1. Look For A House With Potential 

When you are looking for a house in the countryside, do not just disregard any old house you visit. Instead, you should look for a house that has the potential of getting better. You can buy such houses at a much lower rate and then convert them into liveable houses with some investment

You might not be able to find a house with everything that you might need. Therefore, look for a house that has the potential of growing into something that you want. 

2. Get It Thoroughly Checked 

Once you have finalized a deal with one of the houses that you have carefully chosen, make sure to get a complete house inspection before you start shifting your belongings. You should get the house checked for infestation, molds, seepage, mites, and other such issues. 

Many old houses need foundation repair before you can shift. Therefore, make sure that you are covering all your bases. The inspection team will make sure that the foundation of the house is safely intact and if there is some work required, they will fix the issue before giving you a green signal. 

3. Hire The Right People For Renovation 

Once you get a clearance for structural stability, it’s time to make some renovations to the old house. You should consider sprucing up the place to improve the curb appeal of your new house. Choose the right people for the job. You might need scaffolding hire for the renovation of the facade. Talk to the locals and check the ratings of the construction company before hiring them.

Apart from the exterior of the house, you should also consider renovating the interior. For example, making necessary changes in the living room and bedroom and renewing the kitchen and bathrooms can make the place new for you. 

4. Optimize It With Modern-Day Facilities 

Now that you have created a new house for yourself from the old property you bought at a lower price, you should consider adding some modern-day facilities to the place for yourself. Many old country houses have old electric wiring. Consider upgrading the wiring if it is feasible for you. Opting for renewable energy sources such as solar panels can make things a lot easier for you. 

You can also consider adding other facilities such as an internet connection, cable connection, etc. You should also consider how water is provided to the house. If it is supplied from the town’s water supply system, consider getting your pipes cleaned. If you have an in-built boring, then you should consider the water level remaining at the spot.

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