5 Tips on Starting Social Media Campaigns for Small Businesses

Social Media Campaigns for Small Businesses

Over 4 billion people use social media. That means if you are not yet using social media marketing or don’t have a strategy, you are behind the times.

But one reason you may not have started yet is that you’re not sure about starting social media campaigns or what that entails.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the social media campaign elements and how to run a successful campaign! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Start a Blog

One of the best ways to attract attention to your social media marketing campaign is to start a blog. This way, you’ll get traffic coming in from multiple streams.

From your blog, you can raise awareness for your brand and send them over to your social media platforms for the campaign.

2. Choose Metrics You Want to Monitor

Once you have a blog and know what you are going to do for the campaign, you need to figure out what metrics you want to monitor to know if the campaign did its job.

For instance, you may want to measure by how many followers you gain. You may want to go off of the amount of engagement you get on your posts. Whatever you choose, this is a great way to measure the success of the campaign.

3. Create a Calendar

To ensure your success with the campaign, you need to stay on top of what you are doing. One great way to do this is by creating a content calendar for your social media posts.

For instance, you can sit down on a Sunday and plan out everything you want to post for the week – captions, photos, and hashtags all at once. This way, you are able to stay on top of what you want to achieve for the campaign.

4. Write Your Captions

As part of the social media campaign elements that you use, writing strong captions is essential. These captions are what will engage your audience.

It’s best to make sure that the captions are informative, provide value (whether it’s comical or educational), and relevant. Here are a few ideas to capture your audience’s attention:

  • Tell a powerful story to evoke emotions
  • Provide the top 10 things to do in…
  • Create a list of resources for your specific niche

There are so many ways to write captions to capture the attention of the viewers.

5. Manage the Campaign 

While you are running the social media campaign, you need to be analyzing the metrics on a daily and weekly basis. This way, you can change up anything that isn’t working and gear it more toward what is working for the time being.

The analysis of these metrics allows you to cater more toward what your audience wants to see. See this post to understand how best to look at your metrics.

Starting Social Media Campaigns

Starting social media campaigns may seem difficult, but as long as you use these tips and steps, you’ll be able to run a successful marketing business online!

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