6 Benefits of Investing in Automatic Doors for Your Business


Did you know that North America is the largest market for automatic doors, with a market share of 75 percent? Automatic doors are a great investment for your business for a number of reasons. Many business doors are heavy and inconvenient to use, and it’s a sure way to turn away potential customers that you want to welcome into your business.

The investment might seem a bit daunting at first, but your automatic doors will impress clients and create a convenient and modern atmosphere from the get-go for everyone that visits your business. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect spot to learn all about automatic commercial doors and the many benefits that you’ll gain from them.

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1. Better for Clients

It’s no secret that your clients will love the automatic doors that you’ve installed at the entrance to your office building. The vast majority of visitors will prefer your automatic doors to the standard door options that require time and effort to open. You don’t need to look around much to spot automatic doors on a number of buildings near you.

They’re most common in important buildings like hospitals, airports, and fancy hotels. Not only do they make life easier for your clients but it makes it much easier to accept deliveries at your business. The automatic doors will open each time that more goods are brought into your building.

No matter what your business does, automatic doors will make life easier for clients and customers. You can eliminate the need to expend energy on opening the door.

2. Cost-Effective

Another great benefit of using automatic doors for your building’s entrance is the fact that they’re quite cost-effective. It doesn’t take long to feel the loss of comfortable air in your building if you’re leaving the door open for extended periods of time. This is especially true if you’re using energy to keep your building cool during sweltering summer days.

A traditional door will allow all of your cool air out each time that visitors come into your building. The same thing will happen when you’re heating the building to keep it comfortable in the dead of winter. The money that you’ll save on your energy bills alone makes exploring your automatic door options a great decision for your business.

3. Convenience

It’s difficult to top the convenience that you’ll gain from automatic doors after you make the switch from your old doors to the new doors. Trying to open a heavy door when the wind is blowing it shut and your hands are full is a task worthy of the Olympic Games. It requires patience, balance, and a bit of luck.

You can eliminate that entire dynamic if you choose to buy automatic doors from Recorduk.co.uk/en/home. Automatic doors will sense your presence as you approach them and open for you so that you don’t have to play this balancing game each time you try to enter your building.

Even if you don’t see automatic doors on the many buildings around yours, there is no reason why you can’t be the first business to welcome these types of business doors. Your new doors will make the offices around yours more accessible.

4. Better Reputation

Getting automatic doors for your business’s entrance will also add some clout to your business’s reputation. It’s no secret that people that are living with disabilities find it difficult to access some buildings, businesses, and stores. You can let your community know that you want to open up access to your business to everyone who lives in the area.

Parents will have an easier time bringing in children in strollers, and people that have disabilities won’t need to worry about their walkers or their wheelchairs. Your new doors will also create an image of elegance and class that will help it stand out from the other businesses in the region.

It’s a good idea to explore all of your door options to pick out automatic doors that mesh with the overall style of your building. Getting the right doors will make it easy to create an elegant business that has some serious curb appeal.

5. Good Emergency Doors

Your automatic doors are also great in the event of an emergency at your business. You never know when an emergency will happen in or around your building, but doors that open with no effort will make it much quicker and safer for people to exit the building and head to safety. You won’t need to worry about people lining up to exit the building since the automatic doors will make the entire process smooth and easy.

The doors will also close automatically in the event of an emergency outside of your building. If you want to prevent a dangerous person from entering your place of business then you can automatically close and lock the entrance. Your new doors will add an additional layer of safety to your workplace.

6. ADA Accommodation

Making your buildings accessible to people that are living with disabilities is a great move as it allows more people to shop at your building. It also shows that you care about allowing equal access to all people that live in your community.

Having a heavy manual door will make it almost impossible for people with walkers and wheelchairs to enter your building. You should also pair your automatic doors with a ramp to make entering and exiting the building an easier task.

Start Shopping for Automatic Doors Today

The many benefits of automatic doors make them a no-brainer when it comes time to explore all of your business door options. Automatic doors make life easier for your customers and clients while also preventing wasted energy and heat loss on cold days. They also grant access to your business to disabled members of your community, and they act as an additional layer of security.

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