6 Common Auto Detailing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Auto Detailing Mistakes

The U.S. auto detailing and car washing market currently stands at $14.7 billion.

The affordability of discretionary services like auto detailing is accelerating the market. Unfortunately, auto detailing mistakes can reduce your car’s appeal. Ceramic pro is an advanced ceramic processing method which achieves the best aesthetic result and the most natural look.

Regular auto detailing will preserve your car’s exterior paint and upholstery. So, your vehicle’s curb appeal and market worth will also improve.

Proper auto detailing requires knowing what not to do. Here are six common mistakes to avoid when detailing your car.

1. Failing to Protect Your Skin

Auto detailing involves the use of various chemicals (car wash products). Common examples are:

  • Quick detail sprays
  • Waxes and sealants
  • Tire cleaners
  • Detergents

Such supplies are only beneficial for the vehicle getting detailed. However, direct exposure to these auto detailing products will harm your skin in several ways. For example, you can suffer skin irritations and rashes.

Protect your skin by wearing rubber hand gloves and hard shoes. Avoid wearing sandals and shorts while detailing your vehicle.

You should avoid products containing ammonia and other toxic substances.

2. Failing to Wash Your Car Properly

Washing cars before detailing simplifies other related activities. So, you’ll be able to detail your vehicle faster. Maybe you’re wondering how car washing is different from auto detailing.

Car washing is basically the foundation of detailing a vehicle. The process aims to remove dirt, grime, and debris on the car.

Auto detailing is an in-depth cleaning that protects the vehicle from wear and tear. As a result, the car’s lifespan extends.

3. Using Wrong Products

Using the wrong auto detailing products will damage your car’s paint. Damage to the vehicle’s surface will decline its appeal.  

CARPRO products are the best for protecting your vehicle and your skin. Click for CARPRO and get quality auto detailing products.

4. Buying Excess Supplies

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying excess auto detailing supplies. The mistake will cause you to overspend and possibly strain your financial muscles.

Excess car detailing products are also likely to go to waste. The mistake will happen when you fail to research the necessary products you need for the task.

5. Failing to Dry the Car

Allowing the car to dry naturally is a bad idea. The mistake can leave chemical cleaners or hard water marks on your vehicle’s exterior surface. Such streaks will cause unappealing results.

Avoid this by using a clean microfiber towel to dry your car.

6. Detailing in Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight exposure hampers a smooth auto detailing process. First, the sun’s UV rays will cause your vehicle’s surface to heat up. The cleaning products will then dry out before getting wiped off.

Hard-to-clean water streaks then form on the car, declining its look. Ensure that you detail your car in a well-shaded place.

Avoid These Auto Detailing Mistakes

Auto detailing should not be a challenging process. Avoiding the discussed auto detailing mistakes will help you achieve the desired results. You’ll also save time and enjoy a safe detailing process.

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