6 Kitchen Remodel Styles to Consider

Kitchen Remodel Styles

Renovating your kitchen helps improve your home’s appearance and make your kitchen design more functional. In kitchen remodeling projects, the outcome is as good as the design you choose. Selecting a kitchen style that matches your home theme and reflects your personality may help make your home cozier. Here are six common remodel styles you can consider during your kitchen remodel project:

1. Modern Designs

Modern kitchen designs are popular among homeowners who enjoy a minimalist lifestyle. The focus is on making the kitchen look sleek and eliminating clutter. This design also features elegance, using highly reflective material on surfaces to create a highly polished look.

Implementing a modern kitchen design can be a long process since you may need to install functional fixtures. The polished look also requires high-tech materials to give a luxury feel. You can include highly-polished exotic wood for a more sophisticated look.

2. Classic Kitchen Designs

Many homeowners choose the classic kitchen design since it does not go out of style. This means the material, color schemes, and architectural details can stand the test of time. Decorative elements like lighting, fixtures, and décor add personality to the kitchen.

Classic kitchen designs often feature an island counter at the center of your kitchen. Countertops are made of unique materials like marble or quartz, offering your kitchen a sleek feel. The color palette on classic kitchen cabinets and backsplashes is light; either white, beige, or cream. Additionally, for a bold contrast, some homeowners opt for black kitchen cabinets, which can create a striking and contemporary look.

3. Traditional Designs

Traditional kitchen designs are the bridge between modern and classic styles. The style aims at promoting balance and tying everything around the kitchen together.

Traditional kitchens feature classic marble countertops for a functional yet timeless style. Floors are often made of white tiles to help reflect light and maintain a clean look. The cabinets and ceilings often feature panels and artisanal fixtures to add detail to the design.

4. Contemporary

The contemporary kitchen style features functional and family-friendly designs. This style incorporates new and old fixtures or a mix of casual and polished materials for a comfortable design. Since contemporary kitchens value open space, homeowners often use frameless cabinet designs for a sleek look. To make your space look warm, you can add natural elements like marble countertops and wood ceilings.

5. Rustic Kitchen Design

Rustic kitchen styles are a favorite for homeowners who wish to feel closer to nature. It features earthy textures and colors from distressed materials. Although rustic designs can be used in city spaces, they feel more natural in cottages and cabins with woody outdoors. Install weathered wood or terracotta for a decorative floor style. The walls, cabinets, and ceilings can also feature reclaimed or distressed wooden materials.

6. Farmhouse or Countryside Designs

Farmhouse kitchen designs emulate the perfect life away from the city. They focus on comfort, warmth, and great functionality for the entire family. With farmhouse kitchen styles, architects make the design simple and maintain vintage appeal.

The floors in farmhouse kitchen designs are often made of polished wood. Plain ceilings, countertops, and standard backsplashes make the design uncomplicated. The design also utilizes open shelves for a simple, rustic look.

Farmhouse kitchens often have expansive windows overlooking the leafy outdoors, which creates warmth. To continue the warmth even at night, you can install low-hanging lights. While they serve as light sources, such fixtures may also help add some detail to the kitchen during the day.

Select an Outstanding Kitchen Remodeling Style

Kitchen renovation can help improve your home’s design, but you must choose the right style. The right style or design for your kitchen remodeling project may also help to enhance your property’s value on resale. Start your remodeling today by finding a reliable company that can bring your dream kitchen to life.

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