6 Tell-Tale Signs You Aren’t Getting the Quality Sleep You Need

Tell-Tale Signs

If you wake up sleepy or with aches and pains, you probably aren’t getting the quality sleep your body and mind need. Poor sleep quality can wreak havoc on your waking hours. You might have difficulty focusing and making decisions. Many people with poor sleep quality also have issues with moodiness and anger. 

Knowing why you aren’t sleeping well can help you make necessary changes to improve your sleep quality. You can improve your sleep by turning off your electronic devices before bed, going to bed at the same time each night, and sleeping on a high-quality mattress like the Essentia made in Canada.

You wake up several times throughout the night 

Quality sleep involves sleeping through the night. People do wake in the middle of the night, but healthy sleep does not include waking several times every night. If you are waking constantly throughout the night, you are not getting the sleep you need so you can function properly during the day. 

You need 30 minutes or more to fall asleep 

If you need more than 30 minutes to fall asleep after you’ve gone to bed, you aren’t getting quality sleep. Pay attention to your caffeine intake throughout the day as that could affect your sleep quality. Your sleep quality could also be affected if you wake up during the night and lay awake for 30 minutes or more before returning to sleep. 

Healthy sleepers need 20 minutes or less to fall asleep once they’ve laid down for the night. Tossing and turning without falling asleep reduces your sleep time and affects your next-day performance. 

You struggle to concentrate during the day 

People who do not sleep well struggle with daily concentration and cognitive tasks. If you consistently get poor sleep, the problems become exacerbated. Poor sleep quality can come from having too much stress and anxiety. Health care providers can assist you with mental health issues affecting your sleep. 

Another technique that can affect your sleep is your bedroom’s light quality and temperature. Humans sleep better in dark and cool places. Some people prefer sleeping in silence, while others enjoy white noise from fans and machines.

You need caffeine to stay awake during the day 

People who are exhausted turn to caffeine to help themselves stay awake artificially during the day. Ironically, too much caffeine can also keep you awake at night. 

Caffeine stays in your body throughout the day and affects your sleep quality. Stop drinking caffeinated beverages at least five hours before bedtime. Don’t forget that some foods, like chocolate, have small amounts of caffeine, too. 

You feel hungry and eat to stay awake 

Eating also helps people stay awake. Sadly, tired people often turn to junk food and snacks to stay focused. Your body benefits from healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Changing your diet can affect your sleep quality. 

You are more emotional than usual 

Tired people struggle to manage their emotions. You can improve your sleep quality by creating a sleep schedule and sticking to it. 

Wrap up

Quality sleep creates quality waking hours. If you are struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, you must take care of the problem and improve your lifestyle. Look at your daily habits and make the necessary changes. 

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