6 Ways to Use a Coyote Grill

Coyote Grill

Countless individuals love to grill today. They enjoy making meals outdoors in the fresh air and appreciate the flavor of foods that can only be achieved using this cooking method. Most foods can be cooked using this method today, and it is a great way to bring family and friends together for an outstanding meal. How can people cook foods using this technique? 

Conventional Grill

When a person shops today for a new grill, they may turn to a conventional grill. They love the ease with which they can create amazing meals. These grills come in many sizes, shapes, and fuel options. 

One person might choose a charcoal grill because they love the way the food tastes. Another person, however, might want a gas grill because it makes cooking easier than ever. They now have electric grills for those with limited space. 

However, before purchasing a conventional grill, a person should check out the many other options today. With so many types of grills to choose from, a person might find they want to move beyond conventional grilling over open grates to one or more of the many other grill options offered today. When considering a Coyote grill, explore the conventional options as well as the following models. 

Flat-Top Grill

Anyone who has attempted to cook fish on a grill knows how challenging this can be. As the fish cooks, it often falls apart, leaving little meat for a person to eat. Although there are accessories designed to make cooking this food and many others outdoors on a grill easier, there is another option today. 

A flat-top grill is similar in many ways to a griddle. A person can make bacon, eggs, pancakes, and more using the grill, for example. The flat surface ensures foods cook evenly, and a person can fit more on a grill with a flat top as opposed to grates. They can also cook foods they never imagined with the help of this appliance. 

These grills come with a cup to collect any grease created from cooking. Otherwise, it would accumulate on the surface. However, buyers need to know that the food cooked using this type of grill will lack the smoky flavor that many people associate with this cooking technique. A person needs to consider this when choosing which model to buy. 

Pellet Grill

Countless people love the taste of slow-cooked meats and would like to achieve this flavor using their grill. A pellet grill makes it possible to do so without having a charcoal smoker. They use wood pellets created from compressed hardwood sawdust, and the grill master chooses the wood flavor of these pellets. 

The chef feeds the pellets into a fire pot with the help of an electric auger. This auger ensures only those pellets needed to achieve the desired temperature are used. Once the pellets are added, the grill master presses start. The grill does the rest. 

People love the smoky flavor of meats cooked using a pellet grill. This appliance provides even heat and starts up with ease. There are fewer flare-ups and the grill automatically adds more pellets to ensure the unit stays at the correct temperature for the food being cooked.

Many people today choose a pellet grill with wi-fi connectivity. They don’t have to be beside the grill to ensure the food is cooking properly. They can control it from a distance using their mobile device, so they don’t have to miss out on any of the fun. 


Grill masters appreciate the options they have with a smoker grill. This unit accommodates meat cuts of various sizes, including steaks and briskets. These grills come in various shapes, sizes, and fuel types, but are ideal for making low-and-slow barbecue. 

Regardless of which model is selected, the smoker cooks foods at low temperatures for extended periods. This ensures the toughest meat cuts turn out tender, juicy, and full of flavor. 

A person can find a smoker for any skill level. Regardless of which unit a person buys, they know they will get tender and juicy meat in quantities sufficient to feed a crowd if that is what they need. 


Using a rotisserie grill is easy once a person gets a hang of this cooking method. People love that they are eating healthier because the meat hangs in the air. This means any grease and fat drops off the meat and they aren’t consuming it. 

The rotisserie leaves the outside of the meat crisp and tasty, while the inside is juicy. Most people associate a rotisserie with chicken, but the grill can actually be used to make many kinds of meat, including lamb, ham, turkey, and vegetables. 

Countless individuals turn to a rotisserie because they know they can cook for a crowd with ease. Anyone who loves to entertain should consider this option, so the grill can do the work and they can take part in the fun with family and friends. 

Sear Burner

Many people today want a sear burner on their grills. This burner reaches high temperatures, making it perfect for searing meat before it goes on the grill. The unit heats a ceramic plate using numerous tiny flames to achieve the desired temperature. 

Searing meat results in a caramelized crust on the meat. This is known as the Maillard Reaction, as the searing process brings the amino acids and sugars present in the meat to the surface. When they combine on the surface, they leave behind flavor compounds that enhance the taste. 

Conventional grills cannot achieve the temperatures seen with a sear burner, as this burner can actually achieve temperatures over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine the rays of the sun making their way into a person’s body. The radiant heat of the sear burner does the same with the food being cooked.

Searing is not the same as charring meat. Many people express concern over this because charred meat comes with cancer-causing substances. A person can get an amazing flavor by searing meat rather than charring it. 

Many grills today serve as a rotisserie, smoker, flat-top grill, and conventional grill all in one device. For those who love to make meals outdoors, this sounds like a dream appliance. Learn more about these grills today to see which is right for the grill master’s needs. It’s out there. It’s just a matter of finding it. 

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