7 Benefits of Car Sharing

Car Sharing

The sharing economy has helped the public save time and money. City dwellers and renters often don’t benefit from owning a car. Parking is not readily available. Therefore, the vehicle becomes an inconvenience. 

Parking is also expensive at events and downtown areas; sometimes it’s inconvenient too. Thus, car sharing provides monetary relief as you use it when you need it. It also provides stress relief.

Several ways to car share exist in 2022. Some cities have allowed hertz Liverpool car hire services. The individual downloads the appropriate app, they go through the background check process and agree to the terms. 

Then, they find the car sharing vehicles, make an appointment, and check in. The other car sharing option is requesting rideshare services from Uber or Lyft.

Both types have become part of the sharing economy and offer several benefits. Here we focus on ridesharing. 

We look at seven benefits of car sharing in terms of ridesharing.

1. Save Money

The number one benefit car sharing offers to the public is savings. Riders don’t need to worry about:

  • Parking costs
  • Vehicle purchase costs
  • Insurance costs
  • Maintenance costs

Instead, they pay a per-ride fee. To truly save money in the sharing economy, individuals must calculate their break-even point. 

AAA believes that it costs almost $800 to own a car monthly on average if the individual drives 15,000 miles annually. Therefore, if you ride for less than $800 a month, you benefit from the service instead of owning a vehicle.

2. Less Traffic

In 2020, Americans registered almost 287 million cars, a direct reason why American vehicles become congested in some areas. This causes a lot of traffic during the commuting hours and at night.

Rideshare services help alleviate the traffic since the public doesn’t take their vehicles. Plus, friends tend to ride together. 

Interestingly, the number of vehicle accidents during the 2020 lockdowns increased even though the highways and streets saw less traffic. 

Even though car sharing offers several benefits, it’s still possible to find yourself involved in a vehicle accident. JT Legal Group provides legal expertise for these situations. 

3. Less Infrastructure Wear and Tear

Less traffic on the roads means less infrastructure wear and tear. 

Moreover, cities can spend public tax dollars on providing their residents with other services instead of repairing roads frequently.

Cities aim to repair and replace roads once every 25 years. When they must complete these tasks sooner, they become more expensive.

4. Improved Outdoor Air Quality

In addition, less traffic on the streets leads to improved outdoor air quality. As Los Angeles proved, the more vehicles on the road, the worse the smog and pollution will become. 

If you travel to rural areas that have more trees and less traffic, the air will feel different. 

5. Avoid Looking for Parking

Rideshare drivers have learned that their big paydays come from events. They stay busy when concerts, festivals, and entertainment productions come to town. Plus, it helps to drop off riders at sporting events.

The public has almost had enough of $20 to $50 event parking. Venues have also conceded on parking. Thus, they have established rideshare pick-up and drop-off points.

Event attendees save time and money as they avoid looking for parking.

6. Avoid Getting Lost

It’s more difficult to get lost on the road in 2022 thanks to mapping apps. However, things can still go wrong. 

Rideshare drivers make a living transporting passengers. To maximize their income, they become well-acquainted with their region and routes to frequently requested destinations. 

Taking rideshare means the likelihood of getting lost dwindles to almost 0%.

7. Makes Trips Enjoyable

Driving in some cities requires the driver’s full attention and more. Some people enjoy driving in traffic. Others prefer to do it sparingly. 

Therefore, car sharing makes trips more enjoyable. As a passenger, you have the freedom to become a tourist in your city. Plus, if you are a tourist, the driver can offer some tips on where to eat, what to see, and where to go.

Bonus: Great Side Hustle

The gig economy is real, and it helps individuals earn side cash. Those who need to save for a down payment on a home or big-ticket purchase can earn it by driving. 

Therefore, the car sharing industry benefits riders and drivers.


Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to own a car. As millennials moved into downtown areas and opted to rent apartments or own condos, they didn’t need vehicles. However, they still needed transportation options. Car sharing provides several benefits to riders and drivers.

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