7 Factors to Consider Before Having Solar Panels

Solar Panels

As the cost of living starts to rise again, more Americans are thinking about ways to save. A recent poll showed that 73% worry about affordable energy, an increase of 54% from the previous year.

Yet, for savings, many are thinking about turning to green living. The idea of getting off the grid is attractive. And solar energy is what more look to for alternative power.

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But before getting solar panels installed, there are critical things to consider first like the installation cost of solar panels. Keep reading these seven factors to learn if solar panel installation is the right fit for your home.

1. How Long Will You Live In The House

Before committing to the expense of solar panel installation, you need to decide if it pays. It can take five to six years before solar energy can offset the investment.

If you plan on selling your home within a few years, solar panel options may not be best. Solar panels installed on one roof may not work with a new property. And you have to consider the cost of repair to the roof if you remove the panels.

2. Type of Roof

A solar panel can get installed on most kinds of roofs. But some may come with extra costs. for example, Spanish tiles need different fittings to attach the panels.

In some cases, companies may refuse solar panel installation work on certain surfaces. Or, brackets may be more expensive to install. It’s best to read about solar panels before choosing this energy option.

3. Location

Solar panel technology is much improved so that most locations will see benefits. But for the best performance, the solar panel must point toward the sun more often.

For example, if your roof points North, it may take more panels to serve your needs. Consider other factors like trees that cast shade that will reduce output.

4. Energy Usage

A significant question you must answer is the amount of solar energy you will need to supply your home. If your goal is to get off the grid, you will need to know how many solar panels it will take to replace traditional power.

Depending on location, you may need storage units for solar energy during low sun periods.

5. Costs To Have Solar panels Installed

Every project is unique, so it pays to know how much the job will cost before you get to green living. Choosing the types of solar panel options is critical to breaking even when you expect.

It’s also essential to know the cost of repairs if needed. Weather conditions in harsh climates affect the lifespan of solar panel installation.

6. Permits

Moving to green living will still need the collaboration of local grid authorities. Solar energy must travel through the grid to maintain a connection.

You will also need work permits from the local government to have the solar panels installed.

7. Getting The Best Contract

Finding a solar panel installation company you can trust is vital to the success of any project. The right company will provide solar panel options and pricing to fit your budget.

Yet, experienced solar panel installers also provide a detailed plan for the project.

Plan Out Your Green Living Solution

It takes a good amount of research to prepare for solar energy in a home. So talk to experts and get your solar panels installed right the first time.

And to get a charge out of more interesting topics, come back here for some great insights.

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