7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Attorney

An accident can happen to anyone. It does not matter if you are a good driver or have been driving for years; accidents happen when least expected. You may be wondering what course of action you should take if your car is involved in an accident?

Do not panic! Follow these guidelines and find out how to protect your legal rights.

Car Accident Attorney – What You Should Know

If you have been injured in a car accident, contact a car accident attorney for legal advice on proceeding with your case. They can also help you get the compensation owed to you after having suffered injuries and damages because of someone else’s negligence.

A good lawyer will be able to assist their client through every step of the process.

Things To Remember!

1. When choosing a car accident attorney near me to represent you, ensure that they have experience and skills in this area of the law because every case is different.

They need to be able to answer all your questions and provide guidance on how best to proceed with your claim against another party or parties involved in the accident.

2. To make sure that an attorney can handle the complexities of your case, you should do some research on their background even before meeting with them.

Although a simple Google search cannot give accurate results about the success rate of a lawyer’s cases, it is an excellent way to know whether or not they have been able to successfully represent clients in similar situations.

Therefore, seeking feedback from people who have had car accident experiences in the past is an excellent move. During a car accident, having representation for your personal injury case is crucial to getting your compensation, and the Wyatts Compensation Lawyers or those from other firms can help you with just that. Their legal services center on providing compassion and care for every client, ensuring a great journey through accident recovery.

3. Most people don’t realize this until too late: an hour of consultation is usually worth far less than $100-$200 per hour later down the line once all proceedings are and deadlines approach quickly!

In addition, asking for a free consultation is an easy way to determine whether or not the attorney you’re speaking with really cares about your case.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! A good car accident injury attorney should provide all relevant information regarding fees, procedures, and timeframes so that there are no surprises when it comes time to pay up or go forward.

Moreover, it’s best to start your preparation for the case as early as possible. You can ask your attorney about deadlines you need to meet, as some states impose a limited amount of time in which you can file a personal injury claim. Also, ask which information and documents you need to provide, such as witnesses, evidence, and photographs, that will best serve your case.

You want someone who will work within your budget and someone you feel confident moving ahead with throughout this process. Meeting with your lawyer before hiring them for the job is a must, so you’ll get the first impression of what it’s like to work with them. During this meeting, don’t be shy to ask all your questions.   

Decide Your Budget!

Ask the attorney if they will work on contingency or charge hourly for their services. If you’re dealing with an injury, likely, you may not be able to return to work while still waiting for settlement offers and negotiations.

Typically, personal injury attorneys require a contingency fee agreement to represent their clients in court. A contingency fee agreement is the lawyer’s fees from the car insurance settlement once the jury verdict has been served. The contingency fee agreement ranges from 25% to 40% of the settlement, or a standard 33%. So, if you recover USD$60,000 from the car accident case, your attorney or law firm will receive approximately USD$20,000. 

As such, working with an attorney who charges by the hour can add up quickly when compared to one who works on contingency.

A good rule of thumb is hiring someone whose fee structure falls within your budget, so there aren’t any surprises along the road!

Choosing the best car accident attorney is an important decision and one that you should take time to research. When choosing the right lawyer for your case, many factors come into play, but these 7 factors will help guide you in your search.

Car Accident Attorney


  • The first and most important factor is whether or not the attorney has experience handling car accident cases. Your lawyer should have a wealth of knowledge and insight on how to manage your case, as well as an understanding of any new legislation that affects your rights.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous clients! This can help you feel more confident about your choice moving forward. You want someone you’re comfortable working with – remember, they’ll likely spend many hours representing you throughout this difficult time.
  • The Car accident personal injury attorney specializing in personal injury law tend to be very knowledgeable and experienced because of the wide range of legal issues involved with these types of cases (DUI/OWI accidents, child abuse claims, etc.) Choosing one who specializes in car accident cases means that they’ll have a great deal of experience and knowledge to draw from in your case.
  • The best car accident attorneys out there are accessible via phone/email at all hours of the day – even nights and! You want peace of mind that you can reach your attorney at any time, not just during business hours. In addition, you want someone that cares about you and will be there for you when it counts!
  • The most expensive doesn’t always mean the best! Keep in mind that while some attorneys come with hefty price tags, they may also have more overhead than one who charges a lower retainer fee. When speaking to potential lawyers on the phone or in person, ask them if they provide free consultations so that you aren’t surprised by prices long after the talk.
  • Ask if they have any connections in the industry – may be another firm would be willing to take on the case at a reduced fee? This can often help relieve some financial stress during times like these while ensuring that your rights are adequately protected by professionals who care about what they do.
  • Just like when you choose a doctor, the process of selecting an attorney should be one in which you feel comfortable and confident with moving forward. Your lawyer is your biggest ally during this difficult time so make sure they’ll work to protect your best interests every step of the way!


In conclusion, choosing the right car accident attorney is something that requires some research on your part. You want someone who cares about their clients above all else, not just how much money they’ll make off of you!

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