7 reasons to invest in cryptocurrency

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Since the digital currencies launched, they have seen notable growth stirred by the incredible hike of ether (ETH), and bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrencies have continued to expand. Even now, there are plenty of blockchain investment products just like ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), from decentralized finance to non-fungible tokens.

Thus many crypto enthusiasts believe that such an investment method could create either more digital currency millionaires or billionaires. For example, if we look back to when bitcoin was launched in 2009, its price was less than $1. But now, if you look at its recent price, it’s almost around $13,000.

This itself hints at the potential growth of the digital finance market. But those who wander where to start from and whether investing in cryptocurrency is the best choice or not. Then there are several fascinating reasons, to begin with.

If you are not sure where to learn about the latest cryptocurrency news, Lydian section will provide you with a few ideas of where to look. It is hard to keep up with all the different cryptocurrency markets.

So let’s explore the seven compelling reasons to invest in cryptocurrency.

1. Cryptocurrency will expand more.

Many believe that cryptocurrency like bitcoin has been growing, which as per the stats, will reach up to $500,000 by 2030. That is a 5000% boost in its price compared to its value today’s value. Further, as more people will start trading in crypto, its price will automatically hike, leading to an expansion in the ecosystem. Check: best crypto currency exchange

2. Grow your finance with little investment

If you’re worrying that you need to invest a considerable amount at first, then it’s just a myth. In fact, in reality, you can even invest a tiny amount in cryptocurrencies. Further, crypto is divisible; it means instead of buying the whole, you can buy a fraction of the coin. So you can start with small and learn how to invest there. 

3. Little-to-no entry barrier

A few years ago, the enthusiast needed to know about programming to create a crypto wallet. But now, the technology has evolved, and modern applications help you trade in just one click. Although buying and selling is now easier than in the past few years, you need to know where to invest. So with that knowledge, you can start trading without even having any programming skills.

4. Cryptocurrency is flexible

As per the financial market, liquidity defines how easy an asset can sell or buy. With high liquidity, you can finish transactions within seconds, while in the case of low liquidity, you have to wait until the demand matches the offer. This is all possible with the best cryptocurrency exchange. Fortunately, cryptocurrency has high liquidity. Thus, it becomes relatively more accessible and quicker to trade. In addition, the crypto market is also open round the clock; therefore, it’s a flexible asset that allows you to trade anytime, unlike stock markets. 

5. Time is money

So far, there’s a lack of legal framework in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Thus it is holding off several institutional investors who want a legal framework to invest. So it’s the right time to grow your money as once the cryptocurrency becomes systematic and starts following a legal framework, its price will reach the sky. However, for those who already invested in crypto, then it will indeed result in multifold returns.

6. Cryptocurrency offers security

It may sound hard to believe, but your bank controls your money. So whenever your bank feels right, it can decline the service as per the contract you have signed. It’s because the bank comes under the centralized entities. However, it isn’t the case with cryptocurrency, as it’s a digital property and decentralized. Thus you can control it and expand your digital income.   

7. Cryptocurrency is private

To trade in cryptocurrency, you first need your crypto wallet, for which you need to create an ID in the blockchain. However, your personal account will consist of both private and a public key that displays your crypto credentials. But most importantly, your crypto account isn’t linked with your original identity card. So you can freely trade without worrying about revealing your actual details.  


In short, cryptocurrency is a young market with the best money-growing facility. However, with the expansion in its market, there’s a high chance that more and more people will invest in it, leading to a hike in its price. Thus, if you want to invest in it, it’s better to start investing today. 

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