8 Things to Have in Mind When You Want to Sell Your RV Immediately

Things to Have in Mind When You Want to Sell Your RV Immediately

The question on your mind is: “How do I sell my RV fast?” Selling your RV can be intimidating, especially when you want to sell it immediately. Let’s look at eight things you need to consider when you want to sell your RV immediately. 

  1. Price Adjustments

Start by determining how much your RV is worth. Consider using the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) to guide you on getting the average value of your RV. Remember to include the cost of your upgrades. To make a quick sale, you need to offer a competitive price that will match or beat other RV sellers in the market. 

  1. Presentation of the RV for Viewing

Potential customers will be impressed when your RV is attractive during viewing. Make sure it is spotless, and get rid of all personal items. You can also replace and repair worn-out items and ensure that all systems and devices work properly. Consider parking the RV in an attractive location to influence the buyer positively.

  1. Best Time to Sell

Selling your camper at the right time will hasten the process. The guidelines below can help you know the right time to sell. They include:

• An increase in gas prices reduces the likelihood of people buying

• Reduction in gas prices, the opposite happens

• If the economy is performing well, selling a unit is easier

• Those living in states with a warm climate buy when the weather is getting hot and sell when its cooler

  1. Posting a Premium Listing

Listing your RV on online marketplaces allows you to reach out to many buyers. There are various free options where you can list your RV. For instance, social media provides a free resource where you can use your accounts, groups, or community pages to reach buyers. However, a premium listing site, like RV Trader, increases your chances for a quick sale as it increases your visibility to more shoppers. You will include details and photos of your RV to attract attention and help buyers connect with you faster. 

  1. Giving a Good Description

When listing your camper, provide a description highlighting the accessories, maintenance, and other details necessary for the new owner. Potential customers can use this information to conclude whether the RV will meet their needs. Additional details to include are:

• Make of RV

• RV Model

• Year of Manufacture

• Vehicle weight

• Sleeping capacity

• Contact information

Being transparent in sharing the RV’s positive and negative aspects does not scare away potential buyers. Instead, you will get their trust and help them decide whether they will buy the RV.

  1. Quality of the Picture

Clean out your RV and take many pictures showing the inside and outside. Use proper lighting to ensure the images are high quality and stand out for those checking out your listing. Include shots of the areas that you think buyers want to see. That way, potential buyers have an easy time reviewing the condition of the camper. 

  1. Quick Responses to Inquiries

Every inquiry translates to a potential buyer. Therefore, ensure that you’re within reach to provide information potential buyers may need to decide. Turning on notifications for queries will help you provide fast responses. In addition, your answers should be professional to avoid scaring off buyers. 

  1. Uploading Quality Video

Though good pictures will help showcase the best parts of your RV, videos will be even more helpful. Take a tour of your camper inside and outside to give viewers a better feel of the RV. Take a video while opening important drawers, doors, and cabinets, or show how different accessories in the RV function. Besides including the video in the premium listing, you can share it on social media to draw the attention of potential customers. 


Having enjoyed your RV’s flexibility and spontaneity for some time, you may feel ready to sell it and upgrade to a new one. Your RV has brought you joy and total flexibility, but selling can be a tedious process. Consider the things we have discussed above to hasten the selling process. Don’t forget to make your RV presentable to potential buyers by thoroughly cleaning it inside and outside. 

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