8 tips that can make your sex life better

sex life better

The pressures that come with life can affect your sex life negatively. If you wish to improve your sex life, you have to be willing to try different things from what you have been doing. Whether you are single or not, trying out a few tips can help you start enjoying steamy sex. Start with the following.

Learn new sexual activities

If you have always maintained the missionary position every time you are with someone, you are really missing out. Many people love experimenting with all kinds of positions. You should take time to learn different sexual activities that can make your sex life more interesting. For instance, you can experiment with things such as bondage, anal sex, or even sex toys. You can even try dating escorts London to learn new sexual activities. Since such individuals have a lot of experience in sex, they can help you explore more and make your sex life more interesting.

Get in the mood

Sometimes, you may have so much on your schedule that you forget the importance of intimacy. If you want to have a better sex life, you should clear your schedule from time to time and get in a sexual mood. Scheduling sex is important since it will help you relax and prepare you mentally. If you have found someone you like, put on sexy attire and prepare a romantic setting in the room before they arrive. This can prepare both of you for a good time.


Unlike in the past, where most people had a negative perspective towards masturbating, many people nowadays have embraced it. Masturbating at least a few times a week can help you understand your body better. If you have been noticing that you don’t last long in bed, you should try this. You can even masturbate in front of a sexual partner since it can arouse both of you more before sex. Do not, however, overdo it since it might become an addictive habit.

Pay attention to the other person.

Sex is a two-way street. You can make your sex life better if you give your sexual partner the attention they need. Doing this can make intimacy a more pleasurable experience for both of you and even turn you on more. Feel free to talk about such issues with your partner before you have sex so that you can understand them better.

Ask them what they like and what they don’t to avoid turning them off easily. During intimacy, you should focus on your sexual partner as you alternate the pace for a more pleasurable experience. Be keen on their reaction whenever you do something so that you can tell if they are enjoying it as much as you are or not. Try not to climax before your partner is fully satisfied.

Minimize stress

This is one of the things that negatively affect the sex lives of many people. High-stress levels can lower libido and increase your heart rate. It can damage your desire for sex and decrease your performance. If you are stressed, even maintaining an erection for a long can be a problem.

By reducing your stress levels, you can, in turn, improve your sex life. Consider working out from time to time to minimize stress. You can also talk to your sex partner about the things that may be stressing you out. This will not only help you calm down but also strengthen your relationship.

Use lubricants

Since lube can make sex better, you should always ensure that you have one, especially if you choose to engage in things such as anal sex. It minimizes friction during penetration and can prevent discomfort. Making lube part of your routine in bed can help you have a better sex life. It makes sex fun and less irritable. Do not hide the need for lube from a sexual partner if even if you are in a casual or new relationship.

Jot down your fantasies

Everybody has sexual fantasies from time to time. Writing them down can help you explore them with your partner. For instance, think of a porn scene that aroused you and feel free to share it with a sexual partner. Doing this can increase your sexual desire.

Maintain physical affection

You should always show your partner physical affection. Even when you have had a long day engaging in activities such as cuddling and kissing can boost your physical and emotional connection. It can also arouse both of you and bring you closer.

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