80 Lower Laws: Do You Need To Serialize Your 80 Lower?

80 Lower Laws

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When building firearms, 80 lower receivers are the way to go. The part is available in most recognized gun stores and is one of the most sought-after and loved components of the gun. This is down to its high customization options and easy usage. The part on its own is not classified as a firearm but adds in trigger and barrel, and the part becomes a working weapon. This is why there are numerous laws related to this component, but they differ from state to state. Visit www.80percentarms.com/80-lowers/ to learn more about 80 lowers. One of the most common questions people ask is if the part needs serialization. The following guide will clear up this confusion for everyone looking to find answers to this question.

Interesting Facts

You might think that since serialization is not essential for an 80 lowers weapon, it will be used more in criminal activities. However, they are rarely used in crimes as per statistics, which makes them irrelevant to such activities. Similarly, a common misbelief that anyone with an 80 lower receiver can build a working firearm in 30 minutes is also not true. Building a gun from this component needs proper tools and a trained eye to make a perfectly firing weapon. 


The component is perfectly legal to own in most US states and doesn’t require any serialization. However, in some US states, owning the part is considered illegal without proper paperwork and serialization. Additionally, the situation is expected to change across the US regarding 80 lowers receivers. The current US government has the top priority to introduce strict gun laws; this spells bad news for states with relaxed laws. Under the new regulations, an 80 lowers must be serialized before converting it into a working firearm. The current administration thinks that 80 lowers or ghost guns present a real threat to the general public and must be regulized for public safety. Although they are not majorly used in criminal activities, they still pose a threat in the wrong hands. Moreover, serialization will help control mass and school shootings, a real problem in numerous US states. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you are asked for additional paperwork before buying an 80 lowers receiver in the future.

California Laws

California is the strictest state when it comes to gun laws. The gun laws work differently in this state than in all others. There are strict laws to own a factory-made gun, and almost the same laws apply to 80 lowers. If you need to buy an 80 lowers in California, you must get it serialized before adding the trigger and other essential components. If you fail to do so, law enforcement will impose heavy fines in addition to destroying your firearm. The same laws might pretty soon be implemented in other states as well.

80 lowers receiver is like a toy for gun enthusiasts which they can play with to build their desired firearm. However, if your state has laws regarding the part, you must follow them to avoid punishments and other such issues. 

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