9 Compelling Reasons Why Independent Law Firms are the Way to Go

Independent Law Firms

Independently owned law firms are popping up all across the country, and it’s not surprising why these small firms are so hot right now. These smaller practices allow you to get to know your clients personally and work in an environment that feels more like family than a business. 

Here are ten compelling reasons why independent law firms like cornwalls are the way to go if you’re trying to choose between working at an established firm or striking out on your own!


Lawyers who work for an independent law firm enjoy a far greater degree of flexibility than those employed by a corporate legal department. This is especially true if you’re just starting. An independent law firm offers you more time and opportunity for advancement without requiring that you always be in court every day at 9 a.m. 

If you want to try something new, it’s much easier when you have your backing you up. You can have total control over your schedule, and make any changes that benefit both yourself and your clients in just days. It’s a lot harder when you’re working for someone else with commitments of their own!


Not all lawyers work in firms. As an independent contractor, you can set your schedule and meet clients at a time that is convenient for them. This flexibility can make practicing law easier than it might be otherwise, especially if you have family obligations or other demands on your time. 

Some lawyers find that working independently allows them to handle more cases or larger cases than they might otherwise because there are fewer constraints on their schedules, and they can take on more work than they might otherwise be able to with a traditional firm structure. 

Not only is there greater freedom of movement, but some also find that because it’s easier for them to manage their time by themselves, they have less downtime and get more work done throughout each day.

Quality of Service

With an independent law firm, you get lawyers that focus solely on your legal needs and aren’t distracted by all of their other clients. For example, since they only have one client, they can dedicate 100% of their time to you. 

Additionally, since a sole practitioner or small firm is typically run by a lawyer, there isn’t a need for more attorneys than necessary. This means that you can often expect more personalized attention at an independent firm than at a larger firm.

Client Relationships

Whether you’re an in-house legal representative or a solo attorney at an independent firm, your clients and their needs should come first. At large firms, lawyers often feel pressured into taking on additional cases outside of their expertise, which may have a negative impact on their client relationships. 

Working as an individual or as part of a smaller group provides independence and flexibility both important qualities for maintaining strong client relationships. Independent law firms take pride in being able to offer individualized services that allow them to develop lasting partnerships with customers and clients alike.

Practice Areas

Many small and mid-size law firms focus on a specific area of law, which means they can offer all-encompassing knowledge in that realm. Large law firms, however, often have multiple departments, meaning lawyers may not be familiar with all aspects of your case or legal issues you’re encountering. 

If you think you need more than one type of representation, a firm that focuses on more than one type of case is likely your best bet. At independent firms, lawyers usually have great flexibility to negotiate with their clients about how much time they spend handling each aspect of a case.

In-House Accessibility

Hiring an independent attorney gives you access to a wealth of experienced legal minds and their specialized knowledge. Many large firms have attorneys who take on client cases based on previous experience or refer them out to other, less-experienced lawyers for trials. 

At independent law firms, there’s no such thing as a run-of-the-mill case; when you work with an independent lawyer, you get that lawyer’s complete attention because it’s his own business and reputation on the line.


A big advantage of working at an independent law firm is that you will be your boss. By hiring your staff, you have more control over who you bring on board and what their responsibilities will be. You’re also in charge of creating policies for your office since there aren’t any company-wide guidelines dictating how a firm should operate. 

Working independently means that if something happens a major client leaves unexpectedly or one attorney messes up it won’t impact other lawyers in your office as much because they aren’t all-in-this-together like they would be at a larger firm.

Professional Development

Big law firms get a bad rap, but they do offer many wonderful benefits. One of these is career advancement, if you work hard and prove yourself capable of handling heavier responsibilities, you’re virtually guaranteed a promotion within your first few years. 

At an independent firm, though, you have to take it upon yourself to make your opportunities for advancement; when you show initiative and get a lot done, clients will start giving you new responsibilities that turn into promotions. 

Of course, at big firms, they’ll also give you new responsibilities but there’s no guarantee that success leads directly to advancement. It’s just not as efficient or as motivating!

Staff Management

In a small law firm, you have more input into your daily tasks and enjoy more independence. Rather than working for someone else, you’re your boss and oversee all aspects of your job. If things are not going well, you have no one to blame but yourself! 

For these reasons and others, being an independent lawyer is appealing to many lawyers who want more control over their career choices.


There is always more than one way to get things done. By outsourcing your tasks and focusing on your core strengths, you’re able to make better use of your time and resources. Whether you’re looking for legal help or you need accounting assistance, there are professionals out there who can give you a hand when things get busy. Outsourcing helps you concentrate on growing your business while ensuring that all essential jobs will be completed efficiently and professionally.

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