9 Uses for Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) in the Various Industries

PEEK tubing

Are you familiar with PEEK?

If not, it’s no surprise, as it’s one of those incredibly useful plastics. You may already have several PEEK polymer parts in your possession that you need to be aware of.

Fortunately, you’re holding this guide about this polyetheretherketone and its applications. We’ll cover all the potential uses for PEEK in various industries.

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1. Bearing

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) has many uses across a variety of industries. One of the most significant uses of PEEK in the bearing industry is composite bearings.

Composite bearings combine the durability and versatility of metal constructions. It has low wear characteristics of PEEK plastic.

PEEK’s resistance to extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, and oxidization makes it a good material for bearings. Its lightweight properties, low friction, and noise-free operation make it ideal for bearings.

It is also used as a bearing material because it can withstand wear and corrosion. It is affordable and has various customizable properties. This plastic material can help contribute to efficiency and performance.

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2. Piston Parts

PEEK has excellent strength and durability. It reduces the weight of the piston parts. Some of the other traditional materials can’t match. Also, it has an operating temperature range between -200 °C and 250 °C. It is suitable for use in high temperatures.

Moreover, PEEK has a low coefficient of friction. You may combine it with stainless steel and carbon parts to reduce wear.

3. Electrical Cable Insulation

It makes it suitable for a variety of electrical cable insulation applications. PEEK material is an ideal option when you need increased strength and flexibility. It is also helpful for higher tensile strength, abrasion resistance, or flame performance.

Many electronic manufacturers are turning to PEEK for their electrical cable insulation. It is because of its superior insulation qualities and superior flexural modulus.

PEEK has been shown to maintain its physical properties in harsh environments. It makes it a reliable material for power transmission applications.

It produces high-performance cable, which provides excellent heat resistance and electrical resistivity. We can also use them as insulated power cables, connecting cables, and other electrical components.

4. Compressor Plate Valves

PEEK offers excellent properties fatigue and creep, and chemical and temperature resistance. It also has low thermal conductivity. It is ideal for use in valves and other applications where these features are critical.

This can deliver improved performance and cost savings. PEEK is also lightweight and easy to manufacture as a compressor plate valve. The use of PEEK in compressor plate valves offers improved durability and reliability.

This is because PEEK has a low coefficient of friction. The valves constructed using PEEK offers longer cyclic durability and improved sealability. Its low thermal expansion rate and low weight make it the ideal choice for valves.

It provides less wear and tear on the parts. It also has higher thermal stability when working at high temperatures. It’s extensively used in the chemical, food, aerospace, and automotive industries.

PEEK’s electrical insulation properties contribute to the durability and efficiency of the parts. It helps protect against adverse effects of temperature, toxicity, and oxidative wear.

5. Medical Implants and Tubing

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is an ideal material for several medical applications. PEEK has the ability to provide rigidity and strength.

It is also lightweight and versatile. Because of this, PEEK is an ideal material to use in the manufacturing of medical implants.

These implants can be used in orthopedic, spinal, neurological, and cardiovascular surgeries. It allows surgeons to replace tissues with a non-corrosive synthetic material.

The flexibility and strength of PEEK make it an ideal choice for custom implants. It provides options for designing an implant that fits their patient’s needs. It has revolutionized the medical field with the creation of life-saving medical implants.

PEEK tubing is used for catheters, heart valves, medical sensors, and surgical robots. In the energy industry, its high corrosion and temperature tolerance make it an excellent choice for downhole cables, instrumentation, and process equipment such as drill pipes and fittings. 

6. Spinal Fusion

In the medical field, PEEK is used in spinal fusion applications. It is because of its ability to replicate the strength and stiffness of human bone. It features high fatigue and creep resistance.

This is a must for long-term implant applications. It is also suitable for spinal fusion applications because of its low-friction properties.

It will not cause any corrosion and will not harden over time. This makes it a safe, long-term solution for patients.

7. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Columns

PEEK offers excellent resistance to chaotropic solvents and produces results free from contamination. Additionally, PEEK offers superior mechanical stability and chemical resistance.

It also has resistance to high temperatures and pressures. PEEK HPLC has a great life as they have a nominal particle size and column length. They also provide low back pressure, improved resolution, and unmatched selectivity.

8. FFF Printing

PEEK is the ideal material for FFF printing in different industries. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is used due to its low flammability and mechanical strength.

FFF printing involves heating thermoplastic material to a desirable temperature. Then it is pushed through a nozzle.

It has superior properties such as strength, stiffness, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance. Additionally, PEEK is highly resistant to chemical erosion.

It does not absorb water which makes it ideal for 3D printing materials. It is also used in places where a high heat level is needed, such as in dental implants, and plastic or metal gears.

9. High-Performance Wire

It is often used to manufacture high-performance wire because of its temperature and corrosion resistance. It also has a low coefficient of friction. Not only is PEEK resistant to wear, but it also has a low flammability rating.

These attributes make the material an excellent choice for infrastructure in various industries. A PEEK-manufactured wire is reliable and lightweight, making it suitable for industrial applications.

Quality and performance are always at the forefront of the technology race. PEEK high-performance wire is no exception.

Know the Many Uses of Polyetheretherketone Today

Polyetheretherketone offers unique benefits and is used in a variety of industries. It has high strength, chemical resistance, and thermal stability. It also has low friction wear and abrasion resistance.

These are beneficial in the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and consumer-product sectors. Its continued use is growing, making this a promising industry.

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