A complete Furniture shopping guide

Furniture shopping guide

Whether you have recently moved to a new flat or are planning to redecorate your home, buying the perfect furniture can be a little daunting. With so many options and ranges, it becomes hard to choose from.

So, here are a few tips that will guide you through furniture shopping and ensure you get the best deal.

1. Figure out your budget

Before buying anything, it is important to define a budget. That way, you can narrow down your list.

Ideally, there are two ways to shop for furniture. The first is to purchase everything at once, and the second is to buy one piece of furniture at a time. You can read different decor magazines and research online to get an idea. Then decide how much money you feel comfortable spending on that piece of furniture.

Set a deadline and start saving. Consider cutting unnecessary expenses to meet the goal early.

2. Take the measurement

Don’t go to the furniture store without taking measurements of the space where you want to keep the furniture and the doorways. After this, draft a plan based on your room’s design and how you plan to put the furniture in that area.

You can use pen and paper to sketch the plan or use black tape on the floor to locate the space. Trust me; this is much easier than returning the furniture or going for a replacement.

3. Create a list

When it comes to furniture, it is easy to fall for every beautiful piece of work. But you need to keep everything within your budget.

So, list what you want for your home and what is mandatory and only focus on them. That way, you can buy everything you need without spending too much money.

4. Pick a contrasting color

Never select furniture with the same color as the room walls. It will make the space look clumsy and dull. Instead, pick a color directly contrasting with the wall to create an aesthetic and wonderful appearance.

5. Get the samples

The most important tip for furniture shopping is to request a fabric sample from the store. It is the easiest way to understand if your room’s furniture will look good. Then, compare it with your room decor and furniture to get the desired results.

The amazing part is you can do a strain test also. So follow this tip even if you are buying cushions or an ottoman.

6. Keep yourself away from the trap of offers

Furniture is something that we intend to keep for 8-9 years or more. So, buying bad quality furniture at a lower price is not a good deal. But, on the other hand, in most furniture stores, good products get sold quickly.

So if you are getting something way off the actual price, it will either be a substandard or defective one.

7. Understand your lifestyle

Furniture is something that showcases your personality without uttering a word. So before going shopping, assess what color you like and what type of design or style attracts you to find the perfect furniture for yourself.

You can select your favorite furniture picture online and explore similar pieces offline for better understanding. 

8. Always research the materials

In the world of furniture, there are innumerable materials for you to choose from, each with its pros and cons, but you don’t want to bet on something temporary, right? So, list down the materials and start researching them. 

This is essential if someone in your home has allergies to particular chemicals. It will save that person from serious health troubles. 

9. Avoid buying vintage furniture

Yes, I know some of you got great deals on vintage pieces. But the style of vintage furniture is outdated and not as functional as the modern one.

Further, the new one will come with a warranty and quality assurance, unlike vintage furniture. So unless you love to collect vintage pieces or prefer vintage design, there is no need to purchase vintage furniture. 

10. Wait for the right time

There is a right time to buy furniture, which varies depending on the type. For example, September or January are great months to buy indoor furniture like dining tables, tv stands, etc. because the new stock hits the stores every spring and fall. Similarly, you must buy outdoor furniture in the months like July and August as the new stock for them arrives by March or April.  

Recently one of my friends brought a Bahamas dining table from Homemakers South Ltd. She got it at a reasonable wallet-friendly price and has been really happy with the product quality.

Over to you…

Now that you know all the tips, what are you waiting for? Get out and go shopping! 

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