A Homeowner’s Guide To Water Leak And Damage Detection

Water Leak And Damage Detection

Did you know that the average household wastes 10,000 gallons of water a year from neglected leaks in their home? That same amount is equivalent to about three months’ worth of water for drinking, bathing, laundry, washing the dishes, and outdoor watering needs. Not to mention the potential costly damage it creates to your home’s infrastructure. 

Thus, it’s important to find and solve water leaks and potential water damage in your home. Although some water leaks are obvious, others may be hidden and difficult to find. That is where you need the professional help and contacting the leak detection in tulsa ok is a wise choice as the experts can handle this job better.

Understanding Water Leak And Its Common Causes

Technically, a water leak is defined as the gradual loss of water from a system. In general, a water leak can be caused by various factors. However, the most common culprit for water leaks includes:

  • Aging pipes (i.e., corrosion or natural wear and tear)
  • Poor plumbing maintenance (i.e., flushing tissue paper down the toilet causing clogs, or not scheduling regular maintenance)
  • Mistakes during construction projects or poor-quality plumbing materials (i.e., improperly installed sewage lines, broken seals, or digging practices that cause ruptured underground pipes)
  • Damages caused by external factors (i.e., excessive water pressure, intruding tree roots, or rapid temperature changes)
Water Leak And Damage Detection
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3 Ways To Detect Water Leaks And Damages On Your Property

  1. Consult With A Professional

While most people opt for DIY inspection to save money, hiring a professional plumbing company like Fergusons Plumbing is the best way to find all leaks and consequently provide resolution for the issues found. 

Expert plumbers use advanced leak detection tools and methods such as infrared cameras, meter testing, and dig and drill methods to find the exact location of the leak. This can help save time in trying to figure out the source of the leak so you can quickly resolve the issue before it causes more damage.

  1. Check Your Water Meter And Pressure

One of the simplest ways to find out if you have a water leak is to conduct a water meter test. You simply turn off all water fixtures and water-using appliances in your home. Then, check the water meter. If it’s still running, then you may have a water leak. For smaller leaks, the change may not be obvious, so you have to wait for a couple of hours and compare your readings. 

In addition to your water heater, water pressure can also give a sign that you have a water leak at home. You can simply turn off the faucets and measure your water pressure. If it’s lower than normal, then there’s a leak somewhere in your home. 

  1. Watch Out For Signs

Some leaks are easier to detect and repair. However, since you can’t see most of your home’s Hy-Pro Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, you may not always be aware that a leak has formed. That said, no leaks are ever hidden and you just need to know the warning signs. These include:

  • Musty smell
  • A sudden spike in your water bill
  • High humidity levels
  • Gurgling noises inside your pipe
  • Foul-smelling odors
  • Rust stains around water fixtures
  • Discoloration and wet spots on ceilings and floors
  • Bulging wallpaper or bubbling paint

The Dangers Of Water Leaks

Most homeowners tend to overlook water leaks. It’s easy to forget about the small drops and rips from your kitchen sink, faucets, or showerheads that you might not even realize how much damage it creates until it’s too late. 

When left unattended, water leaks can become a source of bigger issues soon. For starters, water leaks can encourage the growth of mold and mildew which can compromise air quality and cause or worsen common allergies like asthma. Also, when a leak occurs in a dark, hidden place, it becomes the perfect home for vermin and pests which can bring unwanted bacteria to your home. 

In addition, water leaks can also result in extensive damage to your property. For instance, hidden leaks from corroded pipes may cause gradual water damage to your ceilings and walls. Worse, if the compromised pipes finally give in, it can cause flooding on your property and cause extensive damage to your furniture and other personal belongings. If this occurs, you’ll also have to shell out thousands of dollars for water damage repair and restoration services. 


No one wants to literally throw money down the drain due to neglected plumbing leaks, not to mention the costly damage that a hidden leak may be doing to your property. Thus, water leak and damage detection should be a regular task for homeowners, allowing them to find warning signs in their plumbing system and resolve them before they create bigger problems in the future. 

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