Advantages of adopting an automated Oracle e-business solution

Oracle e-business solution

Oracle E-business suite or EBS serves as dedicated serves as a collection of dedicated applications which are used for automating the process of customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning as well as a supply chain management. Oracle’s cloud-based system serves as the most crucial platform which can be adopted by an organization for better working operations. New changes, updates, and fixes to the system make testing and potential process. Moreover, various third-party applications used within the same must be tested regularly to identify any kind of bugs and to ensure their proper functionality.

Oracle EBS test automation, therefore, serves as a necessity. There are various services and benefits that the solution make available for an organization. These are as follows:

1. Reducing the effort and time concerned with the Oracle migration:

Oracle test automation solutions over as the most essential service that an organization must opt for. The overall effort, time, and cost associated with getting out testing processes are reduced to a great extent. Moreover, the overall process of migration from a simple platform-based system to a cloud-based solution is improved. End-to-end testing processes can be carried out that can help with hassle-free integration and migration to an Oracle EBS cloud-based platform.

2. Continuous testing:

It is completely capable of carrying out continuous and automated testing processes that can help in critical patch updates. The overall speed of 10 cycles can be improved to a great extent which can help in the analysis of every aspect related to a business and therefore help with making necessary changes to the Oracle EBS system. The need for manual testing is reduced to a great extent.

3. Hassle-free identification and removal of bugs:

Any kind of defects or bugs in the Oracle business system can be easily eradicated through continuous testing. Regression analysis and testing procedures can be carried out to make necessary changes in the Oracle EBS testing system. It comprises all the necessary testing scripts and libraries that it can use for identifying bugs and help towards the removal of the same.

Apart from all the benefits and services delivered by the system, the solution can even help provide the necessary flexibility to the testers to create new testing scripts according to their requirements. Any kind of gap in the testing process can be easily resolved by creating new test scripts. The system serves as a no-code based interface that can deliver reliable and robust testing procedures which can be reused as well. This helps in saving the extra time and cost of an organization which can be directed towards its core operations. The solution is also capable of delivering necessary maintenance services as well as generation of automatic analysis reports which can be used by managers and textures. Diagnostics reports can be created and all the dedicated information can be made available. Seamless end-to-end test automation can be made possible that can help in hassle-free test discovery, delivery of impact on versus reports and easy selection of a self-healing scraped through the use of AI-based technology.

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