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Vocabulary is one aspect in everyday communication that we shouldn’t compromise on, no matter what happens. Why is that? Having a good vocabulary will help you today(current position) and in the long run (in your professional career). It gives you confidence (helps improve your self aim) and enables you to present yourself better. And so your training towards good vocabulary should start at a very early age. When I say vocabulary, it is not just about oral communication but also written vocabulary. Good writing (written vocabulary) skills will come in handy when you have to write project proposals in your professional life and essay writing in your school life. Here are a few strategies that will help you master the skill of written vocabulary.

  • Journaling

Journaling is one good way to improve your skill in spelling words. Not just communication, but it also helps you improve your mental health. The art of journaling starts with understanding yourself. It gives you a trustworthy, safe place to experiment on writing down your innermost feelings in a way that doesn’t make you feel judged. Adding good vocabulary words to it will make it easier for you to improve your written language quickly. As you have a personal connection to the write-up, your subconscious will guide you in memorizing the speech and spelling of the words.

  • Flashcards

Many of us had used flashcards as a way to remember words when we were little. Not just words as pronunciations but for spellings in particular also. Fourth grade vocabulary words are hands down one of the toughest that you will learn at that age. And having a flashcard system makes it easier for you to memorize everything about the words you use and new ones that you understand.

  • Roots of words

Every word (in every language and predominantly English) has a root from which it originates. Remembering that root words makes both written and vocal vocabulary easier to learn. For example, English words with Latin roots like ‘antebellum’ are different in spelling compared to others. Not just that, but remembering the root of a particular word will also help you understand and connect the vocabulary quickly to your everyday conversations. And I don’t have to pin pointedly tell you how big of a difference that small tip can make in improving your communication skills.

  • A new word every day

Remember when you were in school, and your teacher read out one new word every day in your assembly? That’s hands down one of the best and most effective tricks you can use to improve your knowledge day by day. is another way to improve your vocabulary every day as well. By reading a new word, learning it and using it in your everyday language will help you naturally roll off the word right on your tongue in a fluent manner.

  • Native terminologies vs professional wordings

The way one spells a word is different for every person who lives in a problematic locality. An Indian doesn’t spell the word the same way as that of a British born. And a Mexican cannot spell the words like an England born. Therefore you cannot base your spellings on how you pronounce the words; instead, you need to consider the right or the professional pronunciation.

  • Word hit list

A word hit list is a handwritten list of words that you carry with you every day, no matter where you go. It helps you browse through the words you learned until now or the ones you find difficult whenever you feel like it. Therefore, it strengthens your focus and determination to ace the vocabulary test that you face every day of your life.

  • Definitions, definitions, definitions!

Definitions are everything when you focus on a word. Without them, the word doesn’t have a meaning, making it more difficult for you to remember and make sense of the word. And so, no matter what happens, do not ever neglect to understand what the term stands for and any scientific definition it may have. Once you know the usage, it will make it easier to remember the word for a longer time.

  • Vocabulary writing

There are a lot of exercises(or professional tests) online that challenge you by providing you with written vocabulary tests. It is available for people of all ages and proficiencies, and all you have to do is go to the website and click on start.

Now that you know the right tips that will help you succeed, it is time for you to apply them into practice to see positive results and help advance your career smoothly.

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