An Insider’s Look at How Technology Has Changed the World of Business Lending

How Technology Has Changed the World of Business Lending

As technology advances, how businesses can borrow money for expansion continue to grow. Online lenders now offer business loans that are faster and easier to get. 

With the rise of online lending, “traditional” banks have become more competitive by streamlining their lending process and making it easier to apply.

Take a look at how the business world has changed because of these new technologies and how they’ve impacted small businesses and corporations.


Before the rise of online lending, there was little flexibility in how a business could borrow money. Most companies had to go to a bank or a loan officer, who would review their financial statements and other documentation and determine whether they could get approved.

Today, online lenders offer complete flexibility as technology comes with automation benefits. 

Many lending businesses now have websites where prospective borrowers can fill out applications for loans and funding. 

Online applications for loans enable business owners to complete their applications in the comfort of their own homes. Loan servicing software can now service and approve same day loans without borrowers needing to visit a local branch.

You can carry out the application process 24/7, which is especially beneficial for businesses that require financing on short notice.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly brought big data to the surface. Consumer data, once basically an estimate, is now being observed and analyzed through connected devices. Lenders can now gather more accurate and complete business risk information on the business lending side.

With the cloud, organizations can scale an environment or business on demand, with the help of advanced analytic processes such as data valuation.

This data helps lenders better understand the risks associated with potential borrowers, which allows them to make more informed lending decisions. The collection of this data has also helped lenders expand their underwriting capabilities.

Identity and cybersecurity

As the online world becomes more popular, so has identity theft. As a result, security is higher than ever. Lenders have implemented new identity management systems, from device authentication and user login to biometrics.

The massive Equifax data breach that first made headlines in 2017 was a wake-up call for many businesses. In response to this growing threat, lenders now use various methods to verify and validate the identity of their borrowers. 

Online lenders require more thorough, consistent, and trustworthy business reviews before they offer business loans to borrowers.

Business relationships

Borrowers now have access to a far larger pool of potential lenders as competition in online lending has increased due to technology. Business and finance providers can build long-lasting relationships that extend well beyond the lending process by connecting borrowers with lenders. 

Thanks to technology, businesses have increasingly become more profitable and have been able to improve the overall value of their companies. 


As the Internet has grown, so has businesses’ need for transparency. Online lenders use technology to ensure that all parties are on the same page when transacting business lending services. 

Improved transparency means that borrowers and lenders can easily use online portals to track the progress of a loan. Technology also helps business owners and lenders avoid costly surprises with late payments or defaulted loans.

Parting shot

Technology has brought great benefits to the businesses that have embraced it. The future of lending is bright as lenders continue to utilize big data and online tools to help business owners receive the financing they need. 

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