Are disposable boxes protect the cigarette from moisture

disposable boxes

Disposable cigarette boxes are the best and the most economical packaging type for cigarettes. Tobacco manufacturers like them because of their low cost and plenty of features. The cardboard they are made up of provides immense strength to the packaging and protects the items. The material is biodegradable that comes from organic sources; that is why it keeps the quality of the products maintained. Moreover, the materials mostly come from recycled resources that decrease the cost of manufacturing them. They have rectangular shapes but can manufacture in various shapes and sizes according to the demand of the businesses. They are printed with excellent illustrations, images, colors, and promotional information to attract customers as the tobacco businesses have a very limited number of promotion platforms. They are laminated with a vinyl sheet that keeps the moisture away from the products. Aluminum foil is also inserted to keep the aroma and quality of the items safe. 

Nowadays, the trend is shifting from disposable packaging to reusable packaging, but the case is the opposite when we talk about disposable cigarette boxes. Businesses prefer them the most as they have many benefits that cannot available by using other packaging types. One of their essential benefits is that they keep the moisture away from the items inside. Let us see the following ways that will show how they protect the cigarette from humidity. 

Aluminum foil insert

The advantages of aluminum foil in the food industry are not hidden from anyone. In the same way, custom cigarette boxes also contain aluminum foil wrap inside of the package. This wrap keeps the quality of the items maintained. This foil has moisture-resistant properties that do not let the moisture come in contact with the precious items packed in them. This foil not only safeguards the items from humidity but also give an eye-catching look inside. These foils are economical, so they do not affect the budget of the cigarette manufacturers as well. 

Vinyl Lamination

Custom printed cigarette packaging is laminated with a glossy or matte vinyl sheet that glorifies the printing and design of the package. But it is not their only benefit. The laminations make the life of the package long and protect it from getting damaged by the effects of the moisture. This is because it provides humidity resistance that is vital for keeping the products safe inside. These sheets are not costly at all, but businesses can buy premium quality sheets that can cost more. But cigarette manufacturers can cut costs by purchasing cigarette packaging boxes wholesale.

Moisture resistant packaging material

Paper cigarette boxes for sale are manufactured with cardboard stock. Cardboard stock is known for its strength and durability. It also has some humidity-resistant properties. This stock provides resistance against moisture for a good time. That is why many buy cigarette box made of cardboard. But this is dependent on the thickness of the cardboard sheet that how long it will keep the moisture out. 

The thickness of the packaging

The thickness of the reliable cigarette boxes made up of cardboard stock can be regulated. The thickness of the stock has a direct impact on the durability, strength, temperature resistance, and moisture resistance of the package. That means you can increase or decrease their moisture resistance by changing their thickness. The thicker they are, the more they protect the items from humidity. Increasing the thickness can increase their cost. In this regard, businesses purchase empty cigarette boxes bulk that keeps the cost low. 

Paper insulations

We all know specific papers provide some sort of moisture resistance. Many tobacco businesses that are selling low-cost cigarettes cannot afford to buy good lamination or aluminum foil or a thicker package. That is where paper inserts show their benefits. Cigarette packaging is inserted with a suitable paper insert that keeps the products safe from moisture and also protects the aroma of the items. But this is not the best way of protection as it is recommended that you buy good quality packaging and laminate to keep your delicate items safe. You can always save money by purchasing wholesale cigarette boxes.

Proper sealing

It does not matter if your custom cigarette boxes are thicker and have vinyl lamination or aluminum foil insert. The vital thing is that you have to give your package proper sealing. Good sealing will protect your product during transportation as well as in the pockets of the customers. Sealing plays an important role in keeping moisture away when the package is being used by the customers. Magnetic closure or reusable sealing can seal the package after the customer takes out a cigarette. This protects the items after the package is opened. 

Dual encasement

The Cigarette box can manufacture with double encasement to increase the protection of the product to be packed inside. This can be done by manufacturing a cardboard insert and a cover that provides extra protection to the items carried by the extra insert. This type of packaging provides effective resistance against moisture as well as other harmful elements like dust, temperature, and chemicals. This can be costly, so it is important you buy cigarette boxes wholesale, so your packaging budget is not affected drastically.

Does the disposable cigarette packaging protect the cigarettes from moisture? The answer to this question is yes! All of the above-mentioned ways prove that it is the best type of packaging that provides moisture resistance in numerous ways. 

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