Are Skateboards vs Penny Boards Better?


Skateboards and penny boards might look similar, but they aren’t the same thing, and they definitely serve different purposes. If you need to learn how to pick out the right one for you, check out this guide on skateboards vs penny boards. It covers everything from board shape to weight and wheel size in order to help you get the best one possible!

What is a Skateboard?

A skateboard is a type of sports equipment. Skateboarding is a sport that uses a skateboard, which consists of a board with wheels and bearings attached to it. Riders stand on top of it, balance and ride around on it while doing tricks or other kinds of movements to go faster or just have fun. It’s also popular among teenagers as an alternative form of transportation because it is cheaper than owning a car. Many cities are building their own parks and facilities for skaters.

What is a Penny Board?

A penny board, also known as a penny, is a type of skateboard that has wheels made out of plastic. The wheels are similar to roller skates or in-line skates, because they are smooth with no ridges or surface pattern. A penny board can be used as a street skateboard like any other skateboard or it can be used on different terrains such as dirt and even sand. It’s not good for use on asphalt though. It’s better suited for children due to its smaller size but adults can use them too if you have big feet or larger than average feet otherwise you’ll end up having to crouch down uncomfortably just so your feet will fit properly inside. 

How Are They Different?

Skateboards, in many ways, are more versatile than penny boards. While comparing penny board vs skateboard, there are major differences between both that are explained below in detail.

1. Decks of Skateboard and Penny Board: 

The greater surface area of a skateboard means that it has a larger contact patch with ground, which means it can handle rougher terrain better than penny boards. However, as they also weigh more and are more cumbersome to carry around, they are less suited for carrying on a regular basis. 

2. Speed Comparison:

Skateboards also have significantly higher top speeds than penny boards and can reach distances over twice that of penny boards in optimal conditions. High speed skateboarding is not for beginners, however riders must learn proper braking and turning techniques before attempting to hit high speeds.

3. Wheel Bite: 

As penny boards generally have smaller wheels, they are more prone to wheel-bite than skateboards. Wheel bite occurs when a rider applies too much pressure while carving, causing their wheels to be sandwiched between their deck and grip tape, potentially causing injury if they continue riding in that state. Skateboarders can avoid wheel bite by applying light pressure while carving and stopping if they feel their wheels start catching on their board’s deck or grip tape.

4. Grip tape:

The grippy, adhesive material that covers skateboard decks is called grip tape and helps riders maintain their footing and makes tricks easier to perform. In comparison, penny boards are frequently covered in smooth paint rather than grip tape, making them slippery and difficult to control while riding.

Which One is Better Option?

Both skateboard and penny boards are good for a first time rider because of their maneuverability. Although, if you want to learn some more advanced tricks, then skateboard is best option. If you just want to cruise through town and pick up your groceries then penny board is good choice for you. The most important thing is to have fun while riding on one. But don’t forget safety. Skateboard is a better option if you want to learn some cool skateboarding tricks or stunts.

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