Artist Tools: What You Need to Know About Spotify

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If you’re an artist looking to share your music, it starts with finding the right audience. One way to get there is by putting your music up on streaming sites.

Spotify is one of the artist tools that will help you reach a broad range of listeners. As one of the top streaming services in the world, your music can gain high traction by being on the site.

There’s a lot to consider when working with these artist tools. So here’s what you need to know about Spotify!

Set Up Your Spotify Artist Profile

To start, you need to sign up for Spotify for artists to get access to several features and customization. The perks include connecting with editorial staff, having music marketing tools, and more.

Once you’re a registered Spotify artist, here are a few points that can enhance your profile.

Your Profile Picture

Your profile photo shows your vibe. People will understand what music style you follow from only your picture, so give it some thought! Besides the typical headshot, you can use art to bring out your genre.

Your Biography

Spotify gives you 1,500 words of creative freedom to describe yourself and your music! Every word counts, so try not to fill it up with random words or sentences that only make it look fancy.

You can write about your works, your inspiration, your story, or even how to grasp your music better.

Your Gigs and Merchandise

If you have any upcoming gigs and merchandise, you can link them right to your Spotify account. It allows people who have grown an interest in your music to know where to catch and support you!

Boost Your Spotify Plays

Even with a platform as big as Spotify, there are many ways to increase your followers. You can buy followers on sites like Spot On FIRE. But besides these and usual promotions, one method is through Spotify playlists.

Being added to a playlist adds a huge chunk to your streams, but there’s no easy way into them. An alternative is to set up your own with songs that inspire you and your tracks.

It’s also good to stay active and cooperative when collaborating with other artists. That way, you can both gain and grow together.

Spread the Word on Social Media

If you already have an audience and want to direct them to more of your work, it helps to post about your account! Posting on social media is also a great way to share that you’ve put up your music on a streaming site.

Understand Your Stats

Spotify for artists allows you to check your statistics. It includes who listens to your music and how often you generate new listeners. These also help you determine what genres people engage with more.

Utilize Spotify Artist Tools Today!

As we have seen, Spotify is becoming increasingly popular among musicians and listeners and offers a broad range of options, from releasing music to generating royalty checks.

Artists should consider exploring Spotify to grow their fan base and as a source of additional income. Take the time to research how to use Spotify to maximize its potential and start using its artist tools today.

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